Wordless Wednesday: Stick Figures

WW 9-24-14 thek9harperlee


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I’m a Canine Candy Striper

Candy Striper 4 thek9harperlee

For the last several weeks, I have had a very important job: I’m a canine candy striper. Let me explain. One day my human daddy noticed that his vision was blurry. He thought that maybe on one of his evening runs something had irritated his eye, but the next day it still bothered him so he went to the eye doctor. And that’s when the eye doctor told him that he had developed cataracts.

At this point, my daddy insists that I point out that the type of cataracts he has is not the “old people” cataracts. It is a type of cataracts that usually occurs in people who are in their 30s and 40s, which makes my human daddy–who is in his early 50s–feel really good, all things considered.

The next week or so was filled with appointments to see various doctors, including a retina specialist who performed a laser procedure on Daddy’s retina before he could have the cataract surgery.

Candy Striper 1 thek9harperlee

So finally two weeks ago, Daddy had the first surgery to fix the cataract in his left eye . . . and I have been right by his side ever since. My mommy has been the head nurse, but I have been Daddy’s faithful little candy striper.

Candy Striper 5 thek9harperlee

I’ve kept up with Daddy’s eye drop schedule (and let me tell you there are lots and lots and lots of eye drops all day long) . . .

Candy Striper 2 thek9harperlee

. . . and I have been right there to ensure that Mommy does a good job of getting those drops into Daddy’s eyes. Yesterday Daddy had his right eye fixed, so we are looking at another four weeks of drops. It’s a good thing Mommy created my snazzy little candy striper outfit because it looks like I’m going to get a lot of use out of it.

Candy Striper 3 thek9harperlee

I must tell you, friends, that being a candy striper has been slightly exhausting, so I have not been the best blogger lately. I haven’t kept you up to date on my life; but more importantly I have really, really missed staying up to date on all of your lives. Well, I have some good news for you: First, I am happy to report that my daddy is doing well. His distance vision is better than ever. He’s still having some trouble doing computer work, but I’m keeping my paws crossed that his closer vision will continue to improve. (This wish is a little bit selfish on my part. I need for Daddy to work so that he can buy lots and lots of yummy treats for me. Is that so bad?) Second, I think I have my candy striper duties under control, which means that I can get back to the wonderful world of blogging and “visiting” all of my fabulous blogging friends. I cannot wait to see what you’ve all been doing!

Black and White Sunday: Delaying the Run

B&W 9-7-14 edit thek9harperlee

Thank you to Black and White Sunday Blog Hop hosts Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever.

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Countdown to Kickoff: Raise the LSU Flag

Countdown Flag edit thek9harperlee

Well friends, in just a little more than 24 hours, my LSU Fighting Tigers will kick off the 2014 college football season. To say that the level of excitement at my house is off the charts would be an understatement. Mommy has planned a lovely brunch for the humans to enjoy during ESPN College GameDay; the refrigerator is stocked with adult beverages; and the pregame dinner menu is set. Mommy has painted her nails purple and laid out her gameday attire. You’ll be happy to know that Daddy has not painted his nails purple, but his gameday outfit is ready to go. And, of course, I am all set with my tailgating treats, LSU collar, Tiger bling, and bandanas for both halves of the game. We’ve raised the LSU flag . . . and we are ready for some football!

Thank you so much for joining me on my countdown to the start of LSU’s football season. If you don’t have a favorite college team, I hope you’ll consider pulling for the LSU Tigers. If you do have a favorite team, then I wish you the best of luck this season . . . unless, of course, you’re playing my Tigers. :-) Geaux Tigers!

Countdown to Kickoff: More Football Fashion

More Football Fashion edit 3 thek9harperlee

You really didn’t think I would limit my football fashion to just a collar and a little bling, did you? After all, this is the first LSU Tigers game of the season. A girl needs wardrobe options for such a special event. So I’ve narrowed my looks down to this: the tiger-striped bandana for the first half and the purple and gold personalized bandana combo for the second half. I am so ready for Saturday night. Geaux Tigers!

Wordless Wednesday: Countdown to Kickoff Door Decor

WW Countdown Door Decor  edit the k9harperlee

Continuing my countdown to the LSU Tigers football season kickoff this Saturday with some door decor. Nothing says team spirit quite like an LSU wreath . . . and a Golden Girl!*


*The human Golden Girls are members of the LSU Tiger Band’s prestigious dance line. I like to think of myself as an honorary Golden Girl. :-)

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Countdown to Kickoff: Tasty Tailgating Treats

Countdown Treats 1 edit thek9harperlee

Who says college football tailgating is just for humans? Dogs enjoy a tasty treat before the game just as much as anyone, so my human mommy and I whipped up a little something for me to share with all of my canine friends before the big LSU Tigers season opener this Saturday.

Countdown Treats 2 thek9harperlee

To make these tasty tailgating treats, we turned to a couple of recipes that we’ve used before: Happy Hip Bones Treats from 3mbakery and cream cheese frosting from Wear.Wag.Repeat. (You can click here and here for links to the recipes.) I was in charge of quality control, and a I can assure you that the combination of oat flour, peanut butter, turmeric, ginger, and apple cider vinegar more than met my very high standards.

Countdown Treats 3 thek9harperlee

While I supervised watched, Mommy cut the rolled out dough into footballs, football helmets, and of course L-S-U. And then we popped the treats into the oven and waited for an eternity 30 minutes.

Countdown Treats 5 thek9harperlee

I let Mommy decorate the golden cookies with purple cream cheese frosting . . . perfect colors for an LSU tailgate. Now Mommy would have you believe that she planned for the treats to be gold, but it was just a happy coincidence thanks to the turmeric. She thinks that might be a sign of good things to come for our Tigers this Saturday. She thinks funny things like that when it comes to football.

Countdown Treats 4 thek9harperlee

But I won’t make too much fun of Mommy’s silly football superstitions because she made this extra special cookie just for me, HL. It was gone in one bite. Yummy!

Countdown Treats 6 thek9harperlee

We’ve packaged our canine tailgating treats and will deliver them over the next few days so that all of my doggy friends will have a little something to enjoy before the big game. Just a word of caution for my friends: Saving these tasty treats for Saturday may prove to be a bit of a test!

Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop

Today, I’m participating in the Tasty Tuesday blog hop, hosted by Kol’s Notes and Sugar the Golden Retriever. You can click on the link below for more yummy recipes and tasty treats.

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