My Sister, Lexi

Sorry. I know you were expecting another fun Golden Retriever photo. My apologies. This is my sister, Lexi. You have to meet her at some point.

A little history: Before my parents moved to Baton Rouge, they lived in Galveston, Texas. This is the porch of their 1907 home on Galveston Island. That’s Lexi on the left, Talbot, the Golden Retriever who preceded me, in the middle, and Sheffield, a Houston SPCA rescue, on the right. My parents adopted Lexi from the Galveston Island Humane Society in early 2006. Well, they didn’t exactly “adopt” Lexi. They were volunteering at an adoption event, and by the end of the day Lexi had not found a new home. Lexi was a little old (the shelter estimated her age to be about eight or nine) and not the most attractive dog (I’m just being honest), so my parents felt sorry for her. To make matters worse, in just a few hours my human daddy had developed some strange attraction to Lexi. (To this day, my human mommy calls Lexi my daddy’s “girlfriend.”) They decided to foster Lexi in hopes that she would find a good home. Lexi found a good home. Less that 24 hours after they became foster parents, my mommy and daddy signed the papers to become Lexi’s full-time, forever parents.
So, at this point we estimate Lexi’s age to be about 14 or 15. That’s a current photo of Lexi. She’s a little more gray, has a few less teeth, and is a little more set in her ways than the day she came to live with my parents. Since Lexi’s arrival, my parents have said very sad farewells to Sheffield and Talbot, but Lexi keeps ticking. My parents say that Lexi is an Island Terrier: she came from an island and she has a lot of terrier in her. Beyond that, we really don’t know much about Lexi’s past, but we do know that her present and her future look pretty good.

2 Comments on “My Sister, Lexi”

  1. debirussell says:

    Wicked Step-Sister!

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