Rainy Days and Mondays . . .

. . . just make me want to lie down on my bed–or lie down with half of my body falling off of my bed–and sleep. Yesterday was our third rainy day in a row. You can tell from the towel placed on the floor that a certain Golden Retriever had to have her muddy paws wiped before returning to the comfortable and dry confines of her home . . . and returning to sleep mode until the sun reappeared. Rainy days also make me miss my yard. I have loved my yard since I was a puppy.

When I was very small, I crawled into a lawn chair so that I could enjoy gazing upon the birds and squirrels as they frolicked in the trees . . . but then I fell asleep.

I learned at a young age to be a helper in the yard. This is the first plant I ever potted. (I have only “un-planted” one thing–a rose bush–and I will never do that again!)

I have always had a fondness for monkey grass and sticks. A Golden Retriever can amuse herself for hours chewing on a few stray sticks, and then she can cool down by lying in a nice clump of monkey grass.

Fortunately, the rains have stopped today, the sun has come out, the grass has dried . . .

. . . and I have returned to my yard. Watch out, squirrels!

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