Note from Miss Harper Lee: This a great idea and worth sharing with dog owners and dog lovers!

Magic Happens Within These Red Walls

I found this picture on Tumblr today and immediately felt the need to print out a bunch and personally hand them around or pin them up in my condo building or around the subdivision where my family lives in the suburbs. It is such a good idea, and something that I feel personally invested in already as an owner of a reactive dog. I’m thinking of starting a blog that documents my experiences with this project not only through the perspective of an owner of a reactive dog, but through the perspective of a person who could potentially come across a reactive dog. My goal would be that hopefully I can get at least the two communities I’ve lived in to embrace this project, promote awareness to the deeper levels of owning and/or dealing with a reactive dog, and lessen the negative connotations that people (especially those who are not…

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  1. Frank and Gaye McArdle says:

    love the idea, Harper Lee. I know several dogs that need yellow ribbons!

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