Road Trip: Sugar Land, Texas

Last week, I went over the river (Mississippi) and through the swamp (Atchafalaya) to visit my human grandparents in Sugar Land, Texas. My sister, Lexi, went to “camp,” which is what we call boarding at the vet. My sister is not quite the excellent traveler that I am, but we think she enjoys camp while we are away. She always comes home tired and hoarse. We suspect that she stays up all night drinking scotch, smoking cigarettes, and talking with all the other “campers.” But back to my road trip.

I had a very good time. I went for walks every day. There were so many new smells, especially at the mailbox poles. In my grandparents’ neighborhood, the mailboxes are at the street, so the poles are visited often and exceptionally intriguing. I had to smell every single one. It made my walks there a little longer but a whole lot more fun.

My grandparents have stairs at their house. I am very cautious on the stairs. I plan my trips carefully, and then I go one step at a time.

They also have a balcony (with an LSU flag, which I recognized immediately!). I enjoy sitting on the balcony and watching the world pass by.

Sniffing mailbox poles, maneuvering on stairs, and watching the world from a balcony can be quite exhausting for a Golden Retriever, so I’m glad my grandparents have a nice bed for naps. The bed actually belongs to their dog, Mille, who I’ll introduce in my next post. Mille is pleased to share.

On Sunday, we loaded the car for our trip home. I miss spending time with my grandparents, sniffing the mailbox poles, going up and down the stairs, watching the world from the balcony, and sleeping in Mille’s bed, but I was very happy to see my yard and my sister again!

One Comment on “Road Trip: Sugar Land, Texas”

  1. Gaye says:

    LOVE THE PIC of HL on the stairs!!! She is quite the dare devil!

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