Puppy Pics

A recent post by The Daily Golden blog had a link to a Golden Retriever puppy cam. I cannot stop watching! The puppies are too cute. It reminds me of just a few years ago when I was a puppy.

This is me at six weeks old, and this is the day my mommy fell in love with me. She actually met me one week before this. That was when my daddy fell in love with me (after I kissed his nose), but it took my mommy a little longer to come around. I think she still had a very, very special place in her heart for Talbot, the Golden Retriever who preceded me; but on this day, I sat up, grabbed her hand, stared into her eyes . . . and I’ve had her heart ever since.

Here I am two weeks later, at home in my back yard. Everything was still a little new to me then. Little did I know what amazing adventures my parents had in store for me. Notice that they had switched my collar from pink to purple. I was already becoming a fan of LSU and the Fighting Tigers.

Just a few days later, I was much more comfortable and ready to explore . . .

. . . and at 10 weeks, I was fearless.

When I was 16 weeks old, I had my first trip to the LSU campus. My neighbor, Rudy, let me borrow his LSU bandana. It was a great day. Isn’t it just amazing how fast puppies grow up? Just 10 weeks after I stole my mommy’s heart, I was almost too big for her to carry me. She says now that if she had known how fast I was going to grow, she would have carried me so much that I never would have learned to walk. I’m glad my mommy didn’t know how fast I was going to grow!


One Comment on “Puppy Pics”

  1. Gaye says:

    I can see how you stole everyone’s hearts!! You were a little golden fluff ball!!

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