Date Night: Rock-n-Sake

Last night I joined my humans for sushi date night at Rock-n-Sake. I had an excellent evening.

When the server brought the menu with my water, she said that the sushi chefs were just obsessed with me. Uh oh. I hope that doesn’t mean that they want to put me in a roll! Lots of people stopped by the table to pet me. One lady said that I was very skinny . . . compared to her 160-pound Mastiff. Another lady showed me pictures of her Golden Retriever, Sampson. He was quite handsome. Maybe one day I’ll get to meet him.

Then our drinks arrived. Are you sure that martini’sΒ not for me?

Our drinks were followed by our sushi: the Rainbow Roll, the Salmon Sushi, and, of course, an LSU Roll. Yum!

I am obsessed with sticks, so I think I liked the sushi sticks (also known as chopsticks) even more than the sushi.

This was my first trip to Rock-n-Sake, and I had such a fun night. I hope I get to go back soon. I met so many nice people and saw so many new things, but I have to admit that I was a bit pooped when the evening ended.


3 Comments on “Date Night: Rock-n-Sake”

  1. Gaye says:

    you had quite the date night Harper Lee! You handle chopsticks better than me!

  2. Tucker and I are a little jealous! Looks like a great time was had by all

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