I Have Earned My Frosty Paws

I have to tell you about one of my favorite treats: Frosty Paws. But first, I have to tell what I have done to earn my Frosty Paws.

I have entered Week 5 of an exterior home renovation project, and I have to say I have just about reached the limit of what any Golden Retriever should have to endure. Week 1, I had men pounding on my roof. One man even fell through my den ceiling. That was exciting (he wasn’t injured). Week 2, another set of men came to my house and started removing windows, so for a day I had huge, gaping holes in the front of my house. The next week, the painting started. (The painting men also had to tackle the lovely hole in the den ceiling made by the falling roofing man.)  And the painting has gone on, and on, and on, and on. It went all through Week 3, through Week 4, and now the man in charge says it should end at the conclusion of Week 5. Why am I skeptical?

All of this work means that, for the most part, I have been quarantined during the day to one room in my house. I have had very limited access to my back yard . . . and the squirrels now think it belongs to them. They have become quite bold. Those squirrels are in for a huge surprise when I finally get out of quarantine.

So my mommy decided that I had earned some Frosty Paws. (This was about the same time that my mommy decided that she had earned  more wine!) I am quite sure that you have also done something to earn some Frosty Paws. Your humans need to look for Frosty Paws in the ice cream treat section at the human grocery store. (I have to wonder how many people have mistakenly picked up a box of Frosty Paws thinking they were human treats. Surprise!)

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my Frosty Paws last night. I also cannot begin to tell you how much more I will enjoy having my house and my yard to myself when all of this crazy work ends. Oh . . . I think my mommy just poured another glass of wine!


One Comment on “I Have Earned My Frosty Paws”

  1. Gaye says:

    Cheers to Frosty Paws & wine!

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