Meet Rudy

This is Rudy. I think Rudy may be in some sort of witness protection program. You see, he just mysteriously showed up at his humans’ house one day, and he does not like to have his picture taken. The minute he even senses the presence of a camera, he either turns his head or shields his face. Sorry, Rudy, I’m about to blow your cover.

Rudy used to live next door to me, but his humans built a new house, and now he lives across the street. I really miss seeing Rudy through my fence, but I don’t think Rudy misses me. I was never his favorite. Rudy was always obsessed with my late sister, Lexi. He would actually look right past me so that he could focus on Lexi.

Let me just refresh your memory. This was Lexi:

And this is me:

So please tell me why Rudy, a Border Collie who was bred to herd sheep, would look right past me (much more sheep-like than my late sister) and focus on Lexi. I think it’s just part of his witness-protection cover.

My mommy somehow managed to take this picture of Rudy. Treats might have been involved. Notice that he’s still trying to hide half of his face. Rudy may be an even bigger fan of LSU football than I am. Two seasons ago, he joined his humans on a road trip from Baton Rouge to Seattle to see the LSU Tigers take on the Washington Huskies (there’s another dog reference!). Rudy had quite the excellent adventure as he crossed the country for the Tigers’ first game of that season. You can read his travel blog here. He was gone for 26 days. That’s a long time. I sure was happy to see Rudy when he got home. Rudy was happy to see Lexi.

Rudy’s humans recently learned that he has lost the vision in his right eye. (That’s the one you can see here. Notice that he’s still not looking straight into the camera.) But, as most dogs do, he copes perfectly well. He’s learning that “home” refers to his new home. Instead of spending his days gazing at Lexi, he now passes his time spying on his new neighbor cats. And here’s the big news: Rudy, who used to be exclusively an outside dog, is now welcome in his new house. He has finally managed to train his humans. Good job, Rudy!

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