My Visit with Santa

Santa Ad thek9harperlee

A few weeks ago, my human mommy was leafing through one of our local magazines. She came across this ad, and the following words leapt from the page:

PET NIGHT: Every Monday in December, 6 pm – 8 pm: We’ve reserved these special times for you and your furry friends to visit Santa. Reserved for friendly dogs and cats only please.

My mommy was ecstatic: A chance for me to meet Santa for the first time (how did I get to be almost four years old without ever meeting Santa?). And I was getting to go into a human mall.

Getting Ready for Santa thek9harperlee

So last Monday evening, I put on my newest Christmas collar and my mommy and I set out for the mall. As you can tell, I was not totally into the Santa visit at this point. By the time we arrived at the mall, though, I was a little more excited. It was great fun walking through the parking lot, and the boulevard shops outside of the mall were especially intriguing. I kept trying to go into the stores, but my mommy explained to me that I was only welcome inside of the mall, and then only in Santa’s Center Court Wonderland.

As we entered the mall, my mommy got a little worried. Where were the other dogs? She could see the line, and it was quite a long one; she could see humans; but at first she didn’t see any dogs. What if she was the only crazy human who thought this would be fun? It was a great relief to my mommy, and a thrill for me, when we got closer to the line and saw that there were lots and lots and lots of dogs.

Waiting for Santa thek9harperlee

We settled in for the long wait. I have to say I was quite happy and comfortable in the mall, at least at first.  I received much love and attention from humans walking to and fro as they completed (or maybe just started) their Christmas shopping. Little children in the line came by to pet me and have their pictures taken with me. And I made the acquaintance of all the dogs around me. They were exceptionally nice. It was a lot of fun, for a while.

More Waiting for Santa thek9harperlee

But after about 45 minutes, I could hardly keep my eyes open and my mommy was having trouble focusing. She started to understand why so so many children are in tears by the time they finally get to Santa for the big photo-op. She wondered why more of the parents weren’t crying. My mommy and I are troopers, though, and by the time we finally got to Santa, we were once again excited and full of energy.

Santa 2012 1 thek9harperlee

Alas, I cannot say the same for Santa. Is it me, or does Santa look like he’d rather be anywhere other than sitting in his Center Court Wonderland having his picture taken with tired children and nervous pets? I’ll go ahead and give Santa the benefit of the doubt: This is a very busy time of year for Santa, and I’m sure his mind was on all of the elves making toys back at the North Pole.

Home from Santa thek9harperlee

After an hour of waiting in line and about one-and-half minutes of one-on-one time with Santa, it was over. We had a grand total of two photos from which to choose, and then it was time to go home. I was exhausted, and very happy that I have a year to rest before my next encounter with Santa.


20 Comments on “My Visit with Santa”

  1. Gaye says:

    I know your stocking will be full of Christmas goodies! Santa must have needed a sip of egg nog to perk him up…………….

  2. It’s a stunning photo of you – even if Santa does look like he’s been there a little bit too long. I laughed at the “wondering why more mothers weren’t crying” comment.

  3. cornishtim says:

    Santa actually came to my house! But I’m pretty sure it was Tim dressed up. Elsie xxx

  4. Maryanne says:

    Aww, this sounds like a wonderful day with fellow doggies and little humans. I bet you slept good last night!

    I love all the pictures especially the third one down with your little white paw sticking out! Adorable! xo

  5. Ogee says:

    Even Santa gets a little tired…especially around the holidays. But the photo is beautiful regardless!

  6. My blog friend Skinny and his human (of fame) made this comment on my Santa photo, so it didn’t show up here . . . but I wanted to share:
    Skinny and I chuckled out loud at this, HarperLee, ha ha ha, or maybe ho ho ho?
    Glad I could make you laugh!

  7. Glad you finally got to meet the not-so-jolly ol’ fella

  8. Harper Lee,
    It’s so cool that your human mall has animal nights! I wish we had those here! Meeting Santa seems like quite the ordeal– my mom even said she felt a little anxious reading about the wait. But I do love the part about getting all the petting, pictures, and new friends! It sounds like you love soaking up all the attention in public just like I do!

    My mom and dad wanted to take me to meet Santa at a local pet store, but I don’t like when people wear masks that cover their faces or big hats, so they thought Santa’s big beard and hat might be a problem… but there’s always next year!

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