Fabulous Friends from Z to A: Zelda and Abby

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Early in the morning on the first day of this new year, my neighborhood lost one of its most remarkable residents. Miss Zelda was a marvelous woman who was as unique as her name. She battled cancer–and I do mean battled it–for a decade. Through it all, she was kind and giving, focusing on the needs and happiness of those around her. According to my human mommy, Zelda threw the most amazing dinner parties, gathering together an enlightened collection of friends for amusing conversation and delectable food. Those dinner parties must have been something very special, because my mommy always came home with the biggest smile on her face. Zelda had a knack for making us smile, especially those times when she rang our doorbell (usually with an offering of farmer’s market produce or a batch of her homemade chicken soup) to announce her good news: the latest scan was clear and her cancer once again had gone away. Unfortunately, the final round of chemotherapy had no effect on the cancer and we had to say goodbye to Zelda.


Photo courtesy of Kimberly

Which brings me to Abby. Abby was the last in a line of dogs to whom Zelda had offered a second chance. Zelda once told my mommy that she planned to turn down an invitation to visit a friend because Abby was not welcome at the friend’s house. Now that is my kind of lady! (I think the friend ultimately thought better of her decision to exclude Abby, and she and Zelda made the trip.) With Zelda’s loss, my entire neighborhood worried about what would happen to Abby. Someone placed a photo of Abby on our neighborhood Facebook page with a note that this very special girl needed a new home.

Photo courtesy of Allyson

Photo courtesy of Allyson

And that’s when an angel named Allyson entered the picture. Allyson and her husband already had two dogs: Squirt, a 10-year-old black-and-tan dachshund-terrier mix, and Lucy, a nine-year-old red dachshund who sadly has congestive heart failure. Allyson had been thinking about adding a third dog to the mix (she knows that Lucy does not have long to live, and she didn’t want Squirt to be alone), so when she saw Abby’s picture she knew she had found that third . . . and Abby had found her third chance.

Photo courtesy of Allyson

Photo courtesy of Allyson

Abby was a little unsure about leaving her old home, which is completely understandable; but Allyson says, “As soon as we got in the car, she looked at me and it kind of clicked.” Abby knew she was going to her new home and her new family. She has settled in with Lucy and Squirt and she enjoys visits from Allyson’s grand-dog Jack. Abby has a big tree in her new back yard, and the squirrel chasing is fantastic. I know that makes Abby a very happy girl!

Photo courtesy of Allyson

Photo courtesy of Allyson

When she lived with Zelda, Abby had a spot in the living room from which she could gaze out of a big window. She loved to watch the birds and to sound the alarm when the mailman (or anyone else for that matter) came toward her house. The front door of Abby’s new home gives her a new window on the world. Abby is a lucky girl. Not a lot of dogs get a second chance, and now Abby has a third. That would make Miss Zelda very, very happy.


15 Comments on “Fabulous Friends from Z to A: Zelda and Abby”

  1. Gaye says:

    You have such sweet thoughts Harper Lee………

  2. The Red Man is so sorry for the loss of your friend Zelda but always happy when one of his Amigos in cyberspace has found a second chance at happiness. Excellent news.

    • Thank you very much, Red Man. My humans and I are so lucky to have had Zelda in our lives. She was one of a kind! And the fact that Abby is so happy in her new home would bring a huge smile to Miss Zelda’s face.

  3. herbyme says:

    Oh, Miss Harper Lee, Skinny and human are a little teary, but this story has warmed the cockles of our hearts on a dark and snowy afternoon. Thanks you.

  4. herbyme says:

    Or, more accurately, THANK you…

  5. Kimberly says:

    Excellent story telling, Miss Harper Lee! Actually, Ms. Allyson is more awesome than imaginable. She decided to adopt Abby when she heard about the situation from a neighbor, before any of the photos were posted. Zelda would be so tremendously happy about this.

  6. I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a “Liebster Blog Award”. It’s mainly an opportunity to network with other bloggers that may not have seen your blog and put forward blogs that you like and find new blogs to enjoy. It does take some time and I completely understand if you decide you don’t want to do this. But I enjoy your blog and think others will, too. If you decide to do this, here is a shortlink http://shoefulofdrool.com/. I look forward to seeing you!

    • Wow, shoefulofdrool, thank you so very much for the honor.You are too kind. I hope this isn’t cheating, but here’s a link to my earlier Liebster post: http://wp.me/p2LTbu-8C. I am so excited about checking out the other blogs that you nominated, and I always enjoy reading what you have to say!

  7. dailyspro says:

    What a heartbreaking story, with a great ending. Not many pups get a wonderful third chance. It sounds like little Abby has finally found her forever home, and with squirrels and another dog friend to boot!

  8. Auntie BAnn says:

    Miss Lee – thank you for sharing that beautiful tribute to your friends. What special ladies they were (as well as their human parents).

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