I’m Training for a Marathon


Oh, don’t be silly. I’m not actually going to run a marathon (only crazy humans would do such a thing), I’m going to watch a marathon. Next month, my human daddy will run in his ninth marathon, the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon. This will be my first opportunity to watch my daddy run a marathon, so I thought I needed to do a little spectator training.


Fortunately for me, the Louisiana Marathon route passed right in front of my house a few days ago, so I had a perfect training opportunity. This was actually my second Louisiana Marathon–I also watched the runners pass by my house last year–but this year, I was in training to be an excellent spectator for my daddy.

Marathon Training 4 thek9harperlee

The first thing I learned is that marathons start very early. I might have told you before that I am not a morning girl. My daddy has taught me, though, that marathon training sometimes requires very early wake-up calls, so I made the big effort and got out to wait for the lead runners to appear.

Marathon Training 1 thek9harperlee

I have also learned that it helps to train with some friends, so I invited The Big Dogs to join me for the day. I must say that having their company definitely made my marathon spectator training a lot more enjoyable. We were quite a hit with the runners. You should have seen their eyes when they glanced over and saw four Golden Retrievers cheering them on. I suspect that many of them thought they might have been hallucinating! Some asked if we could pull them to the finish line (don’t they know that would be cheating?) and a few (not the leaders, of course) even stopped to take our picture. That was fun.

Marathon Training 2 thek9harperlee

My daddy has spoken often about the marathon water stations. I decided that The Big Dogs and I really should practice that aspect of the race, so we gathered around a big water bowl. That’s me at the top, then Sunshine, Maggie, and Kenai. Then I learned that the water stations are actually for the runners, not the spectators, so I guess I won’t have to use this skill when I watch my daddy run next month.

Marathon Training 3 thek9harperlee

It was great fun to watch the Louisiana Marathon runners pass by my house. They had all trained very hard for the day, and they were doing their best. Even those who were struggling a bit managed a smile or a wave. A lot of them even thanked us for coming out to watch them. Can you believe that? They’re running 26.2 miles and we’re just standing around cheering, and they make the effort to thank us. Each and every runner was an inspiration. I am so ready to cheer my daddy on next month at the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon!

11 Comments on “I’m Training for a Marathon”

  1. cornishtim says:

    wow you really do have a daft human daddy – although it is good to see that we are teaching them that it is fun to run in a pack – maybe not so far!

  2. Your daddy’s Mama should’ve raised him better…but The Red Man admires a Pup who’s LOYAL to his own daddy. Good idea to get your friends involved for a Support Pack. Hang in there – our Peeps can work our last nerve.

  3. dailyspro says:

    Everyone needs a great support crew – sounds like your dads was pretty great!

  4. Gaye says:

    The “Big Dogs” were so tired when they got home from their marathon adventure! You would have thought they had participated in the event.

  5. Abby Long Eckman says:

    I came out to the LA Marathon with my new Mommy and my Neice Margaret we had a great time cheering all the runners on in front of the old Goodwood Elementary School

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