The Adventurous Miss Lee

Adventure 1 thek9harperlee

Last week my humans lifted me into my chariot (I have yet to figure out how to jump into my mommy’s car, but then again why should I if I have humans who are so willing to serve me) and we set out on a road trip to . . .  I had absolutely no idea where we were going. I didn’t really need to know where we were going because I don’t drive, which is a very good thing because riding in the car makes me very, very sleepy. So I settled down on my $64 bed (as my daddy just loves to call it) and I immediately went to sleep.

Adventure 2 thek9harperlee

It seemed as if I had just barely closed my eyes (Mommy says it had actually been almost three hours since we left home), when my mommy exclaimed, “Look, Miss Lee, we’re in Texas.” I was startled, not as excited as I was apparently supposed to be, and I immediately went back to sleep. The next couple of hours were a big, sleepy blur for me; but in the background I could hear what sounded like huge raindrops pelting my chariot and rumbles of thunder. I also heard my daddy saying something about his back being really, really hot and my mommy saying that she really needed to use the facilities. Complaints, complains, complaints and the car barely moved for a very long time. I picked my head up briefly and saw a giant tow truck doing something with a huge truck . . .  or something like that. I’m not sure. I was pretty groggy. It occurred to me that my humans would probably have been a lot happier if they had been napping, too, but I guess someone has to drive and ride shotgun. I sure am glad those responsibilities don’t fall to Little Miss Harper Lee.

Adventure 5 thek9harperlee

And the next thing I knew, I heard my mommy say, “Look, Miss Harper Lee, it’s Houston,” and that’s when I knew where we were headed: We were on our way to see my human grandparents and their dog and my friend Mille (pronounced like Milly) in Sugar Land, Texas. Now I was excited. I had the best time during my visit. Gran, who is a very nice lady, presented me with a new toy, Hedgehog, which I have now almost decapitated because I love him so (I know it’s a strange way to show your love). I enjoyed cocktails on the patio with Grandfather, which apparently is a nightly ritual. I tried to play with Mille, but she spent a lot of time hiding from me; so when I couldn’t find her I just resorted to bringing her toys, one by one, out of her room and into the den. Sometimes that got her attention.

Mille Bubbles thek9harperlee

And, because I was technically on vacation and when you’re on vacation you’re supposed to be adventurous and do things that you’d never, ever do at home I had two new experiences. My first adventurous experience while visiting my grandparents was chasing bubbles, an adventure that was inspired by my Twitter friend Honey G. (@honeyg honey). I tried to get Mille involved, but she was a little too stunned, although the bubbles did look magical against her beautiful black coat.

Bubble Leap thek9harperlee

I have to admit that, while the bubbles were initially somewhat interesting and I tracked a few down in the grass and tried to catch a few in the air, I very quickly lost interest. I know it would really excite my humans to see me bouncing around the yard after beautiful, glistening bubbles, but they’re just going to have to think of another form of entertainment because I am finished with bubbles.

Adventure 3 thek9harperlee

My other adventure was a tasty one. My Twitter friend BearBear (@BearBearD) and my blogging piggy friend Bacon recently raved about watermelon. When Gran heard that I would like to try watermelon for the first time, she bought a little tub of pre-cut watermelon just for me. (I later shared a bit with the humans.) My mommy decided that we should try watermelon outside, just in case I didn’t like it and decided to spit it out. Let me just say that not a single spec of watermelon fell from my mouth. I love watermelon, and I am very happy that this is just the beginning of summer, because that means lots and lots and lots and lots of watermelon for me! Happy, happy summer!

50 Comments on “The Adventurous Miss Lee”

  1. Look at yoowooowoo Miss Harper Lee all smiles with ears flowing! I’m almost woowooooless! I get sleepy in the car too, but I try my hardest to stay awake and make sure Mama is ok. Plus Nalle sometimes hogs the back seat. Glad you have a great adventure! Wooooooooooo, Ku

  2. When I left home to go to the University of Texas in Austin, my parents moved to Rosenberg and lived out their lives there so I am very familiar with Sugar Land! i still have cousins there and other extended family so whim I’m on Worsham Street, I’m likely to make at least one trip south to visit. The Red Man was very impressed by Miss Harper Lee’s bubble adventures and the decapitation of Hedgehog from Gran! Enjoy your visit…too funny we’re practically neighbors!

    • Love that Fort Bend County/Sugar Land connection. Sweet, ha ha! My mommy’s family moved there in 1972. My how things have changed! Not sure if you’ve heard or not, but my LSU Tigers just lost and will be coming home from Omaha. Red Man, I think you and I could have made a better showing!

  3. Haven’t watched in my purple and gold outfit but looks like my LSU guys didn’t bring their bats and are headed home. I am truly shocked and disappointed for you Tigers and hope that you have an adult beverage to ease the pain. Stinging to lose in two. 😦 Next year Tigers and Cocks will meet in Omaha!!

    • Fortunately my mommy is more of a football and basketball fan that a baseball fan, so she’s more stunned than disappointed . . . but an adult beverage is a good idea nevertheless! Hope you saved the receipts for your purple and gold outfit so that you can make returns tomorrow!

  4. finnhoward says:

    Woohoo! What an awesome time! You know they make bubbles for doggies that don’t pop as easily in the grass. And wallymellon is just delicious. Glad you got to taste!

    • I had no idea that there are pop-resistant bubbles just for pups, but someone did tell be that there are bacon flavored bubbles. That might make me reconsider the whole bubble thing!

  5. Wow, Miss HL! Grandparents, a new toy, a friend, and watermelon! That’s what I call a vacation!

    Love and licks,

  6. PigLove says:

    Watermelon is out of this world! I especially love the rind and the juice. Oh that makes this little piggy so happy! I’m so glad you enjoyed it my friend. Have fun at the grandparents house and get extra spoiled! XOXO – Bacon

  7. what an eventful trip!! I completely understand about showing your love of a toy through decapitating it BOL!!
    Tell me more about those evening cocktails BOL!!
    Oh and bubbles! I will have to have my Mom try that with me!!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  8. 2browndawgs says:

    Sounds like a wonderful visit, especially the watermelon!

  9. pjdonna says:

    Wow u slept the whole time in the car? You are one chill dog miss Harper lee. Ours sit and stare and stare and stare but at least she doesn’t get car sick phew. Mr P likes to think its his awesome driving skills there so your parents must have godlike driving skills :p have a good day!

  10. So honored that you mentioned me!!! And I am so glad that you enjoy watermelon. That pic is fantastic. But we especially love the second pic of you enjoying bubbles. You are very pretty! I have heard that there are bacon flavored bubbles. Havent tried them yet though. BearHUG!

    • Thank you, Bear, for giving my mommy the excellent idea to try watermelon! I have also heard about bacon-flavored bubbles. That would be a whole letter better than the soap-flavored bubbles I tried!

  11. Zena says:

    I hope you can win Mille over because you would obviously both have a lot of fun together if she would play. It was so sweet of you to take her the toys, they can’t say you didn’t try.

  12. Lynn Delage says:

    We live in Beaumont so you passed by my home on you r way to Sugar Land. I used to have some cousins that lived there. don’t know if they are still there, haven’t heard from them in a long time. Hope you enjoyed your stay, in spite of the heat.

    • Apparently we spent a lot of time on I-10 in Beaumont on our way to Sugar Land. That’s when we were sitting still while the tow truck pulled the big truck out of the mud. I slept through it all, so it didn’t bother me one bit. 😉

  13. Ogee says:

    Miss Harper Lee…what a joyful expression on your face!! Not sure if it’s the watermelon, bubbles, decapitated toys – or all of the above. What a wonderful adventure. 🙂

  14. This post made us so happy – we love your ‘running commentary’ of the road trip Miss Lee! And watermelons huh? Who would have thunk it? Will add that to the list of treats to try as a matter of urgency. Love, Charlie and Hannah.

    • Yes, my mommy was completely surprised about the watermelon, but boy am I glad she tried it! I guess you’ll have to wait until your summer for watermelon. Let me know what Hannah and Charlie think.

  15. Gizmo says:

    I loke watermelon too Miss Lee…Momz recently bought me a bubble shooter gun and she’s tried to get me to chase the bubbles…Can’t say I’m too excited by them…Momz likes them a lot more than I do

  16. Jessica says:

    Grandparents are just the best! It’s THE place to get spoiled rotten! And thank you so much for the watermelon idea! I’m sure Taylor would love to try it ASAP! Are there other fruits that you would recommend for Taylor to try?

    • I highly recommend bananas and apples. (I think I’ve read somewhere that the apple seeds aren’t good for dogs, so better be on the safe side and avoid the seeds.) I share bananas with my human daddy, and my human mommy usually gives in and lets me finish her apples. Yum!

  17. What a great place to wake up to after your car ride. Looks like you had loads of fun.

  18. You have the recipe, Miss Harper Lee. Bubbles and bites of watermelon make for a perfect summer day!

  19. Love the bubble photos! Mmmm, watermelon!

  20. I’ve always wanted to go to Texas and you have beat me to it. The bubbles look fun do they taste good? The horses at Sundog LOVE watermelon too.

  21. Maryanne says:

    That bubble photo is off the hook amazing! Definitely award worthy!

  22. Maryanne says:

    P.S. — Stellar headlines, stellar photography. Now I’m thinking, to hell with this doggie blog, Miss Harper Lee, you need a MAGAZINE!! Someone out there must recognize that!

    • My daddy keeps asking me when I’m going to turn a profit. I’ve explained to him a million times that I’m a cost center, and I plan on remaining a cost center for my entire pampered life. 😉

  23. Misaki says:

    I love bubbles too 🙂

  24. KDKH says:

    I love the bubble pics!

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