Merry Christmas! Really!

Ranger 9 thek9harperlee

No, I am not crazy. Yes, I do realize that it is the beginning of August. But Christmas happened at my house last night . . . well, it happened for me, anyway. Last week I told you that I was participating in a blog dog gift exchange and that I had been matched with a handsome young Scottie named Ranger. (You can click here if you need to refresh your memory.) I received an email from Ranger earlier this week letting me know that my gift was in the mail. I’ve been watching the mail every day since, and then yesterday it happened.

Ranger 1 thek9harperlee

My gift from Ranger arrived. I smelled it and knew immediately that it was just for me, and that it had to be something exciting. Because it was my special Christmas, mommy and I went into the living room, which is the room where Christmas is celebrated. I was going to wear my Christmas collar, but then Mommy remembered that it was packed away with the Christmas things–and she was not going to get all those boxes out–so she found this festiveย bow for me.

Ranger 2 thek9harperlee

Ok, we’re in the living room and I’m wearing a festive bow. It’s time to start unwrapping. Look at the beautiful paper . . . and yep, this fabulous gift is definitely for me. It says so right there!

Ranger 3 thek9harperlee

Oh look, there’s a card . . .

Ranger 4 thek9harperlee

ย . . . Ranger has his own special stationary! (Note to Mommy: I need my own special stationary.) The very sweet note read, “Dear Miss Harper Lee — Happy Christmas in July/August! Wags, Ranger”. So sweet! And Ranger has his own little paw-print stamp with his name. My mommy seriously needs to step up her game!

Ranger 5 thek9harperlee

Let’s see what’s in here . . .

Ranger 6 thek9harperlee

. . . it’s an alligator with eggs! I’ve never had a toy with eggs before! I pulled it out of the box and ran to my bed in the den, because that’s where I take the things that I really, really like. I was so quick that Mommy didn’t even have a chance to remove the tags.

Ranger 7 thek9harperlee

Even though I wanted to play with the extra eggs while they were still in the packaging, Mommy explained to me that they are for after I have removed Mr. Alligator’s current egg (wait, it has an egg; maybe it’s Ms. Alligator) and destroyed its squeaky. Oh, I get it. What an excellent idea!

Ranger 8 thek9harperlee

I ran back to the living room to see what else I could find in the box. I know you can’t really see–Mommy couldn’t see either at first because I was just so quick–but these are Puptato Chips all-natural guilt-free sweet potato dog treats. What’s guilt? Anyway, they are super crunchy and super good. Yum!

Ranger 10 thek9harperlee

Finally, Ranger had enclosed this wonderful little magnet. I’m wearing it for the picture because I want you to see it, but it is going to go in a very special place so that all humans who enter our home will know that Ranger has given me permission to lick anyone. This definitely gets added to the Golden Retriever Rules! Thank you, Ranger, for making my Christmas in July/August so very special, and thank you to Sprinkles for matching all the bloggers in the United States and to Finn & Charley Too for matching our international friends. Pet bloggers are the best gift ever!

37 Comments on “Merry Christmas! Really!”

  1. Kuruk says:

    Oh Miss, what wonderful gifts! I have to see if Mama can make cards of me toooowoowoooo! Ku
    p.s. you look very beautiful in your Christmas ribbons!

  2. How awesome!!! What great stuff you got. Merry early Christmas.

  3. finnhoward says:

    OMD OMD OMD, what a special Christmas!!! I love your festive ribbon, and yes, I think we need our own stationery too!! I love your new toy – you will have to tell us how to get the egg out and nice moves on munching down those treats so fast!!

    • That egg is just fascinating. It fits into a little opening in Ms. Alligator’s tummy. I’ve seen my mommy slip in there, but I have yet to figure out how to get it out. I’ll keep you posted!

  4. I am soooooooooo happy dat you loved your gift. I got to FINALLY open mine today so I’ll blog all about it tomorrow.
    Pee. I got you the gator and sweet tater chips cuz you are a southern girl. I’m a southern lad and we have gators her too.

  5. Misaki says:

    Oh what fabulous fakemas pressies you got:-)

  6. What a fabulous Christmas for you Miss Harper Lee!! The Red Man says you better keep friends like Ranger – clearly he’s got it going on. Paw print stamp and all. Wow – wonder how long it would take the old woman Slow to figure out something like that??!!
    Have a great weekend playing with your presents…:)

  7. GizmoGeodog says:

    Ranger went all out for you Miss HL…Merry Not-Quite-Christmas!

  8. AWESOME bling, Miss HL. My mom needs to step it up, too! We should ALL have our own stationary and a paw print stamp!

    Love and licks,

  9. sprinkles says:

    Wow, you got some really excellent swag there! Ranger went all out! I love that he wrapped your pressies in Christmas paper. That alligator with eggs is cool too.

    Thank you so much for participating. I’m glad you enjoyed it and hope you’ll join again next year!

  10. writetowag says:

    How very sweet…The wrapping address to Miss Harper Lee…awwww…Well, am so happy you got such a bounty of love and toys…Enjoy my friend!!!!

  11. Yay! Nothing beats new stuff to play with and munch, you are one lucky girl Ms Harper and you look very happy about it ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Jan K says:

    Christmas in August! Does it get any better than that? And what wonderful gifts, that you seem to be enjoying very much!

  13. Oh Miss Harper Lee, you really scored with those PAWSOME pressies!!! I have those ‘eggs’ and they are FABulous!!! You certainly will need the extra ones, cause I always kill the squeaky in them…butts I LOVES them!!!
    Ranger sure knows how to shop! Nice goin’!
    Ruby โ™ฅ

    • I sure did score, and I thank Ranger so, so much! My Alii Gator and her eggs are, as you said, FABulous, and I just found a THIRD egg inside of Alli. Just when you thought life couldn’t get better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 2browndawgs says:

    Lucky you! Those are great gifts!

  15. cramercare says:

    Wow! This looks like tons of fun. You are just the coolest pup!

    -Matilda the greyhound

  16. You got a really good Christmas in July package. You rock! Love the tongue picture. Have fun with your new stuff.

  17. That’s so amazing Miss Lee! Enjoy ‘Christmas’ ๐Ÿ™‚

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