Kaya Turns 4

Such lovely thoughts to end the week. It can be so difficult to put love into words, but Kaya’s human has done it beautifully in this post. I just had to share.

The Stubborn Hound

2013-12-12_0001So I have taken a bit of a hiatus from dog-blogging due to being busy with work blogging and such (that’s a good thing right?) but its probably apropos to do a post in honor of the dog who inspired this blog, my beloved Kaya. Kaya turned four on December 7th. She shares a birthday with my childhood best friend, which I guess it fitting seeing as they both have been extremely influential in my life.

Kaya is an incredible dog. She is one of the most loving souls I have ever met, when you look into her eyes you know there are a lot of wheels spinning in there. She is also one of the the most stubborn souls I have ever met. She reminds me a lot of myself, very particular, very lazy (ok maybe she is lazier than I am), extremely gangly and goofy, always searching for…

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