Mmm Mmm Meatballs!

Please pardon the reblog on this post. Some of my email friends didn’t receive it, and I certainly don’t want them to miss out on news of these yummy treats!


Meatballs 8 thek9harperlee

My humans finally did it. After much persistent begging–yes, I’ll admit to it–they finally got a Bark Box subscription for me. When I received my first special package last month, I might have been a little over-enthusiastic. I might have eaten the bully stick a little too quickly. And I might have thrown up, leading my humans to change the name from Bark Box to Barf Box. Lesson learned: Moderation is the key to enjoying your Bark Box subscription. So when this month’s Bark Box arrived, I decided that I would slowly savor its contents.

Meatball 2 thek9harperlee

I carefully reached into the box, pulled out the Your Dog’s Diner Mutt Meatballs package, carried it to my bed (because that’s where I take all things I love), and started to play with it. That’s when my human mommy had to explain to me that it isn’t a toy; it’s a treat mix. Even better!

Meatball 3 thek9harperlee

So I…

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