Playing Cupid in the Kitchen

Cupid 9 thek9harperlee

I was a little MIA in Blogville last week because my human mommy and I were playing Cupid in the kitchen. We made lots and lots of yummy Valentine treats to share with our canine sweethearts, and now we want to share all the fun we had with you.

Cupid 1 thek9harperlee

We started with all the ingredients needed to make Wheat-Free Tuna Treats from the 3mbakery website: oat flour, yellow polenta, tuna, egg, garlic, oil, baking powder, and a little water. (Click here for the recipe.) Mommy loves the 3mbakery website because every recipe includes interesting nutritional information about the ingredients. You probably already know that tuna contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, so it’s good for a dog’s skin and coat. But did you also know that those fatty acids aid joint health and mobility? And that tuna has heart benefits and can help prevent cancer? I know that humans are into stuff like that.

Cupid 2 thek9harperlee

From a dog’s point of view, I can tell you that tuna is super-duper delectable . . . and that’s all that really matters to a dog.

Cupid 3 thek9harperlee

Under my close supervision, Mommy mixed the ingredients, rolled out the dough, and cut the Wheat-Free Tuna Treats into pretty little bone shapes. And then came the part that I just cannot understand–the baking. Trust me, dogs do not feel the need to have their treats baked; but for some odd reason the humans are just obsessed with cooking things, and so the wait to taste started.

Cupid 7 thek9harperlee

I was right there when the treats came out of the oven, and obviously extremely eager to play my very favorite kitchen role: chief quality control taster in charge. Let me simply say that these treats passed with flying colors.

Cupid 4 thek9harperlee

Next, I helped Mommy collect the ingredients for 3mbakery’s Happy Hip Bones Treats: oat flour, organic peanut butter, turmeric, ground ginger, organic apple cider vinegar, and a little hot water. (Click here for the recipe.) Mommy was very excited about making this one because turmeric and ginger are both anti-inflammatories and apple cider vinegar is beneficial in treating arthritis. I have some problems with my hips and elbows, so we’re always in search of natural remedies. After sampling these treats for a few days, I had one of my best walks ever yesterday, so there just might be something to all that health-benefit stuff . . .

Cupid 5 thek9harperlee

. . . or it might just be that I was still on a bit of a high from sampling the peanut butter. Yum!

Cupid 6 thek9harperlee

Once again, I had to endure that whole mixing-rolling-cutting-baking process before I could sample the finished product. You would think that Mommy might have taken one look at my mournful eyes and let me have a little raw sample, but no such luck. As agonizing as the wait was, though, that first taste was more than worth it. The second and third tastes were pretty good, too!

Cupid 8 thek9harperlee

Mommy put an end to my treat sampling because it was time to get things ready to share with my friends. Some of our treats, along with festive Valentine bandanas, went into boxes to be sent to friends who live far away . . .

Cupid 10 thek9harperlee

. . . and others went into bags to be delivered to friends who live close by. Playing Cupid in the kitchen and baking Valentine treats to share with my sweet friends made my heart feel very happy. Having a few treats left over for me to enjoy was pretty nice, too!

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47 Comments on “Playing Cupid in the Kitchen”

  1. You look so proud and cute with your foods! How can you resist eating it all though?! ^_^

    Happy Tuesday

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  2. goldenwoofs says:

    A TASTY Delish MIA. Golden LOVE it. SoSweet of you playing cupid. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

  3. June says:

    Your kitchen must have smelled heavenly all week. Not sneaking a few treats took a lot of will-power. Your mommy must be proud. You & mommy went to a lot of work to make all those treats & Valentine bandanas. That shows how much love you have for your friends. I know you’ll receive a lot of love back because you’re SO loveable. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY sweet girl.

  4. Oh my goodness – THREE times. I REALLY meant what I said Miss Harper/ Maybe Mom can delete a couple PLEASE! One that makes sense. haha.

  5. writetowag says:

    Oh goodness!!!! Those treats look delish indeed and coming from 3mbakery, all of her stuff looks devine!!!! Keep the treats coming Kitchen Cupids!!!! Hugs

    • We have one more recipe to make for our obedience school friends. I’m pretty sure we’ll be sharing that one, too. It’s made with organic rye flour. Even my humans haven’t had that before. 😉

  6. Kuruk says:

    Oh beauwoowooootiful Miss Lee, you are such a pawesome baker and taste inspector! xoxoxo, Ku

  7. Emma says:

    What a fun idea. We do that at Christmas for our neighborhood furfriends.

  8. Nailah Bone says:

    What a nice idea! 🙂 I’ve never thought of mailing dog treats before, I think I’ll have to try that soon!

    • We drew little bones on the box. The lady at the post office got a real kick out of it. She said to Mommy, “Do you like dogs?” She either thinks Mommy is very sweet or very crazy . . . or maybe a little of both!

  9. what a thoughtful woofie you are! I am sure some lucky boy dogs will love those!

  10. What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Bilbo & Arty

  11. 2browndawgs says:

    Wow you and your mommy are quite the bakers. Those look super-duper yummy!

  12. Looks like a job well done – hope you got to keep some treats at your house!

  13. dogdaz says:

    Wow what fun work with Mom. And great pictures too.

  14. O…M…D those biscuits look DEEEEEELICIOUS!!!!! We are drooling ALL over the keyboard *BOL* We had no idea you were such a talented baker Miss HL and we are just loving your Valentine’s Day bandana – tre chic!!
    Wally & Sammy

    • Ha ha ha! You boys should totally deny that drool on the keyboard. You can say your mom did it when she was looking at pictures of Starbuck’s online! Just wondering if Valentine’s Day is a big deal in South Africa. Here the male humans get guilted into buying flowers and jewelry and fancy dinners for their sweethearts. My humans will just be having a quiet romantic dinner at home . . . with me, of course!

  15. fozziemum says:

    How delish! mum makez us biscuits too and we have to wait furrever by the oven..all healthy an very tasty…great work helpin mum! paw pats Forrest xx

  16. Woof! Both of these recipes sound good, but tuna…. you have my pack’s attention now!

  17. You are soooooo lucky your human mama is a MASTER at making yummy sweetheart treats and sharing them. And sooooo fancy.

    • You should hear Mommy complain when she has to make human cutout cookies, but she would spend all day every day in the kitchen making fancy doggy treats to share. I’d say she has her priorities right. 🙂

  18. OhMelvin says:

    Those treats look almost as delicious as you do! Your mom is a VERY good helper!

  19. Pawesome Cats says:

    What a fabulous taste tester you are – and those treats look delicious. Our cats are envious!

  20. Great job in the kitchen. Love the photos and the treats look yummy

  21. cafall says:

    I didn’t know they had treat recipes posted on-line. We are going to have to go look.

    Monty and Harlow

    • We love Miss Jude has the best and most healthy recipes we’ve found. Some are super simple, but if you feel adventurous you’ll find a few challenges, too! Bone appetit!

  22. Ms. Harper, I hope you got a treat too!

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