Harper Lee from A to Z: D is for DATE

D1 thek9harperlee

Earlier this week, my humans and I jumped into my chariot and headed out for date night. Well, that’s not exactly true. From the time that I was a tiny puppy, my humans have picked me up and put me into the back of the chariot. Why would I ever think of jumping when I have humans to lift me? So, let me start all over again. Earlier this week, my humans put my front feet up on the tailgate of my chariot, lifted my rear end in the rest of the way, took their chauffeur and co-chauffeur positions, and we headed out for date night. Naturally, Mommy had to take a picture of me with Daddy (which, by the way, also starts with D) the minute we reached out destination.

D2 thek9harperlee

Then the really fun part of the date started. Our very nice waiter appeared with a bowl of ice water for me and martinis and sushi for my humans. Trust me, everyone wasΒ extremely happy. I love, love, love date nights with my humans. We’ve found that most places with outdoor seating are more than happy to welcome four-legged family members, and some even have menus that cater to their canine clientele. You can’t ask for more than that on a date. Well, maybe a goodnight kiss!

This post is part of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. See you tomorrow!

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43 Comments on “Harper Lee from A to Z: D is for DATE”

  1. liliandruve says:

    Cute storyteller…!

  2. thinker1958 says:

    I can see now who is really in charge at your home. You are being treated like a real Queen πŸ™‚

  3. What a great date night! I am going to have to ask my pawrents if maybe we can have a date night some time!

  4. Kristin says:

    Cute pictures!! You’re awesome!!! I love your blog!! πŸ˜‰

  5. PigLove says:

    OMP (oh my pig)! You went with the humans on their date night? Oh how fantastic! I want to go with mom/dad… you know just to see what date night is all about. It looks fascinating from your pictures beautiful! XOXO – Bacon

  6. Oh you lucky pup. We never get date nights with our humans, (nowhere to go) and Torrey has to jump in the truck all by herself.

    • Torrey made a big mistake the first time she jumped into that truck. The key is making the humans think you can’t do it; then they have to pick you up forever. πŸ™‚ I’ll bet you’ve had picnics with your humans. Picnics are lots of fun, too!

  7. Cinnamon says:

    Miss Harper Lee,

    This date night sure sounds fun.
    Sushi and martinis fur the humans what could be better.
    Hope you got a little bite of sushi too.

    xo Cinnamon

    • The humans seemed pretty happy with their sushi and martinis. I’m sad to say that I didn’t get to taste their sushi, but I do get fish oil tablets every day. Does that count? πŸ˜‰

  8. Kuruk says:

    Wish I could go on a date with youowooowooooooooo! xoxoxox, Ku

  9. FireBonnet says:

    Ah, drinks with dad on date night (oh and mom of course)… Happy D!

  10. Looks like a fun date. Mom I hoping this summer I will learn to behave nicely at an outdoor restaurant. And by “behave” I mean, not pull her off her chair, yank her arm out of the socket, or try to knock over the table. We’ll see….

    Love and licks,

  11. Rosy Rue says:

    Oh that sounds like such a fab date! I wish we lived closer so our Moms & Dads could go on a double date (double Ds!) and us girls could get our own table! RosyPoodleKisses!

  12. Miss Harper Lee you really are a beauty.
    Menu options for dogs…but as a dog lover and retired hotelier…what a clever idea.
    I always ran country pubs and hotels and always made lots of four legged friends welcome including horses!
    Enjoying the A to Z Challenge Maggie@expatbrazil.

  13. So glad your welcome on date night, looks like a great time.

  14. fozziemum says:

    Oh Harper Lee..what wonderful pictures….and you photo bombing is hilarious….my eye was glued to the sashimi…tuna salmon sesame seeds rice…………drool πŸ™‚ hugs Fozziemum xx

  15. Miss Harper Lee, date night ROCKS! Your daddy is a handsome man, too!

  16. dorysbackyard says:

    What a wonderful date night Harper!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    PeeEss…we are really enjoying your A to Z posts!

  17. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

    Love your story Harper Lee!

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