Harper Lee from A to Z: I is for INCHES

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My blogging assistant, who also happens to be my human mommy, was a little stumped when it came to the letter I, so she asked my Instagram friends for some ideas. Get it–asking Instagram friends for a little help with I ideas? Anyway, my very good Instagram friend @johnanng of 3 Crazy Retrievers fame suggested inches. Little did she know what Mommy would do with that, and little did I know that I was about to become a crazy science project of sorts. Mommy decided that she would measure various parts of my body. Apparently this was quite funny, because Mommy laughed the whole time she was measuring. Whatever. Without further ado, I give you Miss Harper Lee in inches:

Intelligence lump to tip of nose: 10″

(The intelligence lump is the little knot on the top of a dog’s head; humans do not have these; hmm.)

Intelligence lump to base of tail: 36″

Base of tail to tip of tail (including hair): 16″

(Apparently, I am one long dog.)

Elbow to tip of toenail: 14-1/2″

Knee to tip of toenail: 14-1/2″

(Mommy decided that it’s probably a good thing that the two measurements above are the same.)

Height at shoulders: 24″

Neck: 17″

Chest: 31″

(Mommy says that may not attract the human men, but the boy puppies will be impressed.)

Waist: 25″

Wrist: 5″

Ankle: 6″

Length of ear: 5-1/2″

Longest whisker: 2-1/2″

So, admit it: Those of you humans who have dogs in your homes are running off now to find the tape measure so you can conduct your own crazy science project. My apologies to your dogs. And with these measurements in hand, some of you just might be running off to build your own Harper Lee. But wait, I forgot to tell you the most important measurement of all:

Heart: Infinity . . . which just happens to be another I word.

This post is part of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. See you tomorrow!

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29 Comments on “Harper Lee from A to Z: I is for INCHES”

  1. PigLove says:

    This boy piggy is quite impressed beautiful 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  2. Ms. Harper, when you add up all those inches you are one big bundle of love!

  3. I would say you measure up just fine!

  4. You are a big, strong, beautiful doggie, Miss HL. Mom has some of my numbers in her phone. She uses them when she orders new dresses online. She hasn’t measured my intelligence lump, though. I wonder why….

    Love and licks,

  5. Dina Mom says:

    Haha- that might just be our M for Measurements post!

  6. Intelligent hump…love it! Reminds me that Dog is God backwards, not a coincidence, I feel. 😉

  7. Rosy Rue says:

    You are too funny ! Mommy actually measures us occasionally since for new fashion item measurements.! ROsyPoodleKisses! C U Tomorrow!

  8. MISS HL…YOU ARE KILLING US!!! *Mom!…NO MOM! Get that snakey thing away from us! NO we DO NOT want to be measured!!!*
    Wally & Sammy

  9. Very clever, I thought for a moment your mom was going to measure different pieces of hair. LOL

  10. Great entry for the letter I…Instagram easily overlooked for something more creative! WIll have to measure my guys.

  11. Inches are very important to us over here too! We need to measure the pups to make collars and vests and super capes, and all sorts of other things 🙂 Maybe not quite as detailed as the above, but the tape measure is always around the place. The dogs often make a face when I walk towards them with it though 🙂

  12. Jan K says:

    Heart: Infinity. That made me smile!!

  13. 2browndawgs says:

    Good choice for ‘i”. 🙂

  14. Your mom did great with the inches! You are one wonderful dog Miss Harper Lee!

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