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Is it just me, or has my human mommy/blogging assistant been wherever she’s been forever? Well, good news for all of us: The blog rerun season is just about to end. I’ve received an email from Mommy and she says that she is on her way home to me, Miss Harper Lee. Obviously, she missed by quirky little habits and couldn’t stand to be away from me one more minute . . .

I have absolutely no idea what came over me the other day, but I am pleased to say that my diva moment has passed and my attitude has had an adjustment. Whew . . . that feels good! So now I am ready to share with you the quirky little habits that make me Miss Harper Lee.

Belch thek9harperlee

The Morning Burp: I must admit that this first quirky little habit is not particularly attractive, but it’s me. Every morning after I finish my breakfast, I walk into my den, sit under a lamp, look at one of my humans, and share with him or her my biggest burp. It’s just my way of saying, “Thanks for getting my day off to a wonderful start with that fabulous meal.”

Nanner thek9harperlee

Sharing a “Nanner”: I call bananas “nanners,” and I love to share a morning nanner with my human daddy. It’s our little thing. Just try to eat a banana without sharing it with me, Daddy!

Yogurt thek9harperlee

“Yogurts”: My human mommy likes to start her mornings with a bowl of yogurt, which I call “yogurts.” My ears are particularly sensitive to the sound of the spoon hitting the bottom of the bowl as she finishes her yogurt, because that’s when I get to lick the yogurt bowl and spoon. I do such a good job of cleaning that my mommy says she is tempted to put the bowl and spoon directly back into the cabinet and drawer. You don’t think she’d actually do that, do you?

S thek9harperlee

Sleeping in an “S”: Can you see it? I am quite a flexible girl, and my flexibility it often on display when I sleep.

Jackpot thek9harperlee

Ice Dispenser Jackpot: I am obsessed with the freezer door ice dispenser because–if I’m lucky–little pieces of ice will fall onto the floor and I can eat them. Jackpot!

Stare thek9harperlee

The Intimidation Stare: When I really, really want something, I stare intently at my humans. You might say that I actually stare through my humans. My intimidation stare can result in a walk, going outside, dinner, treats, or going to bed. Believe me, the intimidation stare works like a charm every single time.

Puppy Hour 1 thek9harperlee

Puppy Hour: Puppy hour (much like happy hour) happens most evenings between 5 and 6 o’clock. That’s when I head for my toy basket and proceed to lose my mind. I start digging through the basket, pulling my toys out one by one, and running through the house with them like a crazy dog. It is more fun than I can tell you!

Ballerina thek9harperlee

Ballerina Pose:So, as I strike my ballerina pose, I have a question for you (fellow dogs, feel free to answer for yourselves, or you can have your humans answer for you):

What quirky little habits do you have that make you uniquely you?


31 Comments on “Rerun: My Quirky Little Habits”

  1. So glad we finally got to see the quirky side of you. So funny. I think late afternoon is chaos in most dog households. I know Litchi does the same and she also loves yogurt. Banana, well, I don’t think she’d touch the stuff and she certainly can’t do ballet like you. That’s so cute.

    • Perhaps Litchi likes yoga more than ballet. Does she do “downward facing dog”? I love doing that one (my humans also call it “bow”), but my silly mommy couldn’t get a good photo . . . even though I gave her plenty of opportunities.

  2. vegannparis says:

    hehe, very cute!! I share your love of bananas! A quirky habit of mine would be that I only like to use one pen at a time, no matter where I go. I think of it as my ‘lucky pen,’ until it runs out of ink 😉

  3. Maryanne says:

    LOL! This was so cute! My Billy Cat does the ballerina pose too. My husband calls it “10 to 2” (like the clock) 🙂

  4. Ice dispenser jackpot 🙂

  5. wilco2012 says:

    I don’t have any quirky little habits, yet. I think the intimidation stare might be one I need to learn. I love the ballerina pose! 🙂

    • I have absolutely no doubt that you will develop many quirky little habits! Give it time. The intimidation stare is a great one. It works like a charm to get the humans up off the couch and waiting on us, as it should be!

  6. Well, Miss Harper Lee, quirky implies a certain negative connotation to The Red Man, and I have to say I think your habits are not only positive but in the area of food, your nanner and yogurts make me blush with shame at the bowls I lick which are more on the order of Blue Bell ice cream bowls and plates where hot dogs used to be and empty packages of Doritos or potato chips so your mommy and daddy eat from the correct food groups instead of the junk food at Worsham Street. No wonder your daddy can run a marathon!! Have a fun weekend! 🙂

    • My dear Red Man, it seems my humans have managed to pull the wool over your eyes. They enjoy the not-so-good-for-you food groups as much as anyone, they are just more stingy when it comes to sharing those delicacies. A fun weekend to you, too!

  7. msmontijo says:

    Just loving on Miss Harper Lee…….

  8. Ogee says:

    The “S” curve is just nutty, girl!! 🙂

  9. Sage says:

    I must say, Miss Harper Lee, that intimidation stare is a perfect way to get our humans to get a move on. I must say, I practice it myself! But that “S” curve is pretty awesome.

  10. the 3m's says:

    We have to agree, the intimidation stare ALWAYS works for us too, Miss Harper Lee.

  11. Those are the funnest habits I ever saw, Miss HL. You are definitely quirky. I have my puppy hour as soon as I come in from my morning walk. There’s running and jumping and squeaking and sometimes flying from the ottoman to the couch. Mom picks out toys for me and says, “What about this one?” over and over because I’m afraid of my toy box.

    Love and licks and I hope your parents are home soon,

    • Flying from the ottoman to the couch? Wow! You just might have a future as a circus performer, Cupcake. 🙂 My humans finally returned to me yesterday, and my mommy cannot stop kissing me and hugging me . . . which is really messing with my nap schedule!

  12. cafall says:

    Harlow always goes up to her Dad and burps in his face when she is done eating – I thought she must be the only pup that does that!

    Monty and Harlow

  13. Mumsy's Little Chancy Man says:

    Oh, we really enjoyed this post. Mumsy has to play fetch with me before I eat or I won’t eat. I love green peas and I won’t sleep without being covered up which I do myself. Hugs and nose kisses Chancy

  14. Misaki says:

    I do alot of those things too. I often burp in mummy’s face, but instead of taking it as a compliment that I enjoyed my dinner, she never seems very impressed.

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