Harper Lee Time

Harper Lee Time 1 thek9harperlee

The holiday season can be hectic for humans. There are decorations to display, cards to address, presents to wrap, treats to bake, and parties to attend. It can all be a bit overwhelming, and sometimes humans forget to take a little time for themselves . . . and for their four-legged friends. So today, after my human mommy and I dropped the Christmas cards into the mailbox, we headed to the LSU lakes for a little Harper Lee time.

Harper Lee Time 2 thek9harperlee

We enjoyed a leisurely stroll and spent a lot of time smelling things . . . well, I spent a lot of time smelling things. Mommy spent a lot of time tugging on my leash and saying “Leave it, Harper Lee” over and over and over again. But then she remembered that it was Harper Lee time, and she slowed down and let me sniff every little thing I wanted to sniff . . . mostly.

Harper Lee Time 3 thek9harperlee

We stopped so that I could do a little bird watching. I gazed at the last of the white pelicans. They pass through our area in the fall and then continue on their journey farther south for winter. I saw some ducks coming in for a landing, and tracked the loons as they glided across the water.

Harper Lee Time 4 thek9harperlee

And then the egret and I decided to compare profiles.

Harper Lee Time 5 thek9harperlee

It was a nice break in an otherwise busy day. During this time of the year, when things start to get a little too hectic, I hope you’ll stop and enjoy a little me time . . . and remember to include your four-legged friends.

32 Comments on “Harper Lee Time”

  1. Emmadog says:

    We always have time for our walks, and then there is some snuggle time, even on the busiest days. Mom tries to always “unplug and decompress” in the evenings which she says benefits us.

  2. cafall says:

    We’ve been missing our walks – with Monty in stitches and Harlow recovering from a broken toe.

    Miss Harper, I believe you have the prettiest profile!

    Monty and Harlow

    • You’ve had some real challenges lately. I was happy to read that Harlow is tolerating her toe bandage and I hope that Monty’s surgery went well and that the little lump wasn’t anything serious. Hopefully everyone will mend quickly and you’ll be out on your walks again soon. There will be so many new smells to explore!

  3. Awwww what bootiful pigtures ^_^

    You’re so pretty Harper Lee!


  4. Dina says:

    You look absolutely divine in front of that Christmas tree, Harper Lee. ❤

  5. PigLove says:

    There is my beautiful Miss Harper! I’ve been thinking about you a lot my friend. And you are right. We must stop and smell the roses and not get so worked up over schedules/deadlines. Mom calls this time “Being a Tree”. Sometimes we need to plant ourselves somewhere and just breathe. XOXO – Bacon

    • “Being a Tree” . . . I love that! Humans do tend to race around a lot, which is fine when they’re making our dinner. Otherwise, they just need to plant themselves every once in a while!

  6. Will and Eko says:

    Great shots, the smile in that second photo is perfect.

  7. Beauwoowoooootiful as always Miss Lee! ❤ Ku

  8. Looks like a wonderful walk. Our walks are a lot like yours…tug…leave it….lol.

  9. Ogee says:

    Great advice! BTW…you get prettier with each passing year. 🙂

  10. thanks for the reminder! We are supposed to be warmer for the next few days (40s lol), so maybe we will!

  11. The Red Man is happy to know Miss Harper Lee had a little time of her own today and wants to also say that the day agreed with her – you look beautiful, Miss Harper Lee!! Truly. Have a great weekend!! 🙂

    • It’s the fresh air, Red Man,that and the fact that while my mommy has been running around like a crazy person I’ve been getting lots and lots of sleep. Mommy’s just slightly jealous. 😉 Wishing you a wonderful weekend, too!

  12. OMD, you gots to watch burdies??! I loves burdie watchin’!! I don’t have a pawsome lake like you though! (though, I did have a lake in my backyard yesterday from all the rains, butts no burdies!)
    I bets there are some amazin’ smells there too! Oooooo! And, I bets there are all kinds of poopies to roll around in too!! What? Geesh. Ma says not to give you any ideas and gets you in troubles. Whatevers. (I still thinks that would be fun! ☺)
    Oh, and I almost forgots ~ You look FABulous in front of your Christmas tree Miss Harper Lee!!!
    Ruby ♥

    • Mommy’s actually a little more concerned about me eating putrid things than rolling in them. I tend to enjoy the taste of duck and kitty cat “pate,” and then I like to kiss my humans . . . which for some odd reason grosses them out. 😉

  13. Great pictures as always Miss Harper Lee! It is hard to carve out any extra time that is for sure! I am staying up late catching up blogging and spending time with all my furkids. Love this time of year but can’t wait for the return to normal!

    • Thank you! It’s hard to get it all done. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself to slow down, enjoy the moment, and what doesn’t get done just doesn’t get done. The sun will still rise tomorrow morning . . . and the furkids want your time and attention. 🙂

  14. What a beautiful break, you have a beautiful Christmas Tree. Thank you for your kind words on my Therapy dog post. Hugs back to you!

    • We love the tree. It’s a pain to put up and an even bigger pain to put away, but it sure is nice to enjoy during the Christmas season. And this year, we added a second tree in another room with all the wooden ornaments I had when I was growing up. I must be crazy!

  15. Those walks where there is unlimited (or not-so-limited) sniffing time are the BEST! We need to walk our humans often at this time of year, so they don’t get buried under holiday business. Well done, Miss HL.

    Love and licks,

  16. Jan K says:

    You are so right, Miss Lee! I took Luke for a walk today and just let him sniff and smell and do what he wanted…no training this time. He’s been on rest because of a bad knee and I wanted him to just enjoy himself.
    I love the photo of you and the egret….perfectly posed! 🙂

    • Oh, I’m sorry to hear that Luke has been under the weather. I’m sure he enjoyed the chance to get out and do a little sniffing and smelling. Sometimes that’s the best medicine. 😉

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