On the Fifth Day of Christmas: Back to the Monday Routine

Fifth Day 1 thek9harperlee

And on the fifth day of Christmas . . . my humans and I were back into our regular routine. Monday is laundry day in our house. It’s a New Orleans tradition to do the laundry on Mondays, so that’s what my mommy does (even though technically we’re in Baton Rouge, not New Orleans). Mommy and I were up while it was still dark outside. (To be totally honest, it wasn’t really that early but it was still pretty dark because we had yet another day of rain.) Mommy collected the dirty clothes and started the washing machine . . . all with my supervision, of course.

Fifth Day 2 thek9harperlee

And then Mommy put a big pot of red beans on the stove. Red beans and rice on Mondays is another New Orleans tradition. The beans cook all day long while mommies all over the city (and daddies, too) do the laundry.

Fifth Day 3 thek9harperlee

With the laundry in the washing machine and the beans on the stove, it was time for me to join my daddy in the home office. I love to “work” in the home office when my daddy’s in town. It’s totally relaxing. I sleep with my head wedged as closely as possible to the chair so my daddy has absolutely zero chance of moving. That’s our routine, and I was very happy to be back into a routine on this fifth day of Christmas.

9 Comments on “On the Fifth Day of Christmas: Back to the Monday Routine”

  1. We are just about back to normal. We are making gumbo for New Year’s Eve and then the ham, cabbage, black eyed peas and cornbread for January 1st. Do y’all eat that on New Years Day? I want it to stop raining, but it is keeping the fireworks at a minimum for Bentley. ☺

  2. Emmadog says:

    Routine is always comforting. Holidays and stuff are fun, but regular life is great.

  3. what great things to be doing on Monday.

  4. Ogee says:

    Looks like a perfectly wonderful way to spend a Monday if you ask me!

  5. cafall says:

    We always do laundry on Mondays too – although I think we just do it to catch all the weekend mess. We hope you had a good day!

    Monty and Harlow

  6. PigLove says:

    Licks piggy lips – someone mentioned red beans? I ❤ red beans. Well… I love all kinds of food beautiful 🙂 We do laundry on Monday's too here at the Hotel Thompson. Of course, I supervised daddy yesterday while he did it and changed all of the sheets – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  7. Routines are nice. And comforting. I can’t imaging a whole city doing laundry at once. The laundromats must be jam packed!!

    Love and licks,

  8. Miss Harper Lee we love our routines here too! I bet it was nice to have Mom and Dad both home!

  9. Doesn’t sound like a bad routine. 🙂

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