Will You Lend a Paw to Science?

Survey thek9harperlee

This past weekend, I received an email from a high school student named Austin. Here’s a little of what he said:

I am a Junior in High School and for the past three years I have participated in the Regional and State Intel Science fair with behavioral research I conducted and analyzed myself. This year my research question involves dog owners. I’m trying to determine if parents and dog owners possess similar personality traits. I’m challenging the belief that “you should get a dog before you have a child because it will prepare you for parenthood.” My belief is that people who genuinely want to take care of and love a dog naturally possess good traits for parenthood.

Austin has developed an online survey/personality quiz that collects anonymous data to compare the personality traits of dog owners and parents. My human mommy took the quiz. It was quick and easy, and the results revealed her Big Five Personality Traits. Very interesting.

And this is where you can help: Austin needs to receive 500 survey responses by mid-February, and at this point he is at about 200. Would you be willing to help Austin with his project?

Here’s a link to Austin’s website: https://findyourpersonality.wordpress.com/. Below his photo, you’ll see the link to take the survey. Thank you so much for lending Austin a paw hand with his project.

So what do you think about Austin’s hypothesis? Do you believe that people who genuinely want to take care of and love a dog naturally possess good traits for parenthood? Did getting a dog before you had a child prepare you for parenthood?


28 Comments on “Will You Lend a Paw to Science?”

  1. PigLove says:

    Off to take the survey my friend. We always believe in helping out anyone in need with education 🙂 Love ya beautiful XOXO – Bacon

  2. Thanks for sharing this link. I took the quiz. It’s a reasonable hypothesis; it will be interested to read about the results….

  3. I took the quiz too and tweeted it and shared on Dakota’s fan page. What a smart young man!! I tested spot on!

  4. Misaki says:

    Heading off to check it out!

  5. Cupcake says:

    Mom did the survey. It was fun. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, but sometimes Mom says living with me is like living with a psychotic 2 year old.

    Love and licks,

  6. Easy test and I didn’t even study! Haha!

  7. fozziemum says:

    Off we go sweetie to have a go 🙂 loves Fozziemum xx

  8. OMD! We are SO in!! Mom loves taking quizzes and one that includes her love of dogs is like a cherry on top for her.
    Wally & Sammy
    PeeS: mom and dada don’t have kids butt they say that having us two around is about as close to having hooman kids as they can get

    • My mommy loves things like that too. She’s the one person who is always eager to talk to those telephone polling people during election season! And my humans have only had four-legged children too–more trainable and they can have us fixed. 😉

  9. cafall says:

    I’ll take the quiz too. Our pups are our kids, so I really don’t know what that says about his theory…. 😉

    Monty and Harlow

  10. thanks for sharing, going to take the survery, yes I believe it does.

  11. Jan K says:

    I took the test…it was fun and interesting.

  12. Very interesting. We don’t have kids, but we do have dogs. 🙂

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