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To say my little blog has gone off the tracks in the last year would be an understatement. First there was the move to New Orleans. It was a good thing, but it took a lot of time and effort. Then there was our extended period without internet service. That was a bad thing that took a lot of time and effort. And then there was the arrival of my new little sister, Tallulah Bee. She’s a very good thing, but she takes a whole lot of time and effort.

This makes my human mommy a little very sad. My blog is important to her because I am important to her. I’ve told you before that I have hip and elbow dysplasia. When I was diagnosed just before my first birthday, Mommy didn’t know how many years she’d have with me. (I’m pleased to report that, at seven years old, I am happy and healthy.) She started my blog as a way to make every single day of my life special and to remember all those special days. She’s enjoyed sharing my life with you and sharing the lives of all the blog friends we follow. She’s missed that a lot in the last year.

So that’s why she was so excited about starting the A to Z blogging challenge on April 1. We did it a couple of years ago, and it was great fun. You blog every day in April (with Sundays off), working your way through the alphabet from A to Z. We even had a little theme for this year–HL does NOLA from A to Z–and had started taking photos for our daily posts. We were looking forward to sharing New Orleans with you through our eyes. It seemed like the perfect way to get my little blog back on track.

She sat down last night all ready to tell you about our plans . . . and that’s when her computer decided that cooperation simply wouldn’t be in the cards. Even three-plus hours of on-line tech “support” couldn’t fix the problems. So today the computer goes to the real-life geeks to see what they can do. It probably won’t be an easy fix. Fixes so seldom are easy. And, just when it looked as if we might be getting back on track with the blog, Mommy’s feeling a bit permanently derailed. And that makes her very sad.


20 Comments on “S.N.A.F.U.”

  1. Janet Keefe says:

    That makes us sad too. 😦 We miss you all! But blogging is hard enough to keep up with, even when life doesn’t get crazy, and there aren’t technical difficulties (I could never take on the A-Z Challenge, it would just be way too much for me).
    We recently moved and I tried hard to not go off the grid completely. I knew if I did, it would be really difficult to get back on track. So we’re scaled back some, but still going. I am behind on reading all of my friends’ blogs, but we’ll just keep puttering along doing what we can until we get more settled into our new home.
    We sure hope your Mom can get things back on track and we’ll be hearing from you again!

  2. Emmadog says:

    Hope you guys get back on track soon!

    • Thank you so much, Emma. Who knew a puppy could disrupt life so much. And then the computer problem. Fortunately, the geeks were quick with the computer fix. Now if only they could do something with Tallulah Bee. 🙂

  3. u28ajb says:

    Oh Harper Lee I feel for your mommy. She does such a good job telling us all about your (and Tallulah Bee’s) life and adventures. I hope the Tech Geeks fix her computer soon so we can enjoy your tales (ahem!) and beautiful faces again. In the meantime give her extra doggy cuddles to make her feel better. Andrea & Dilly Dog

  4. As much as we love Mommy’s blog Harper Lee, we understood why they weren’t as frequent. Now, gremlins in the computer are another issue. VERY frustrating. Hopefully the Tech Geeks will solve the problem and Mommy will be back and running. Glad you and Tallulah Bee are there to offer Mommy your moral support.

    • Computer gremlins are the worst . . . even worse than a puppy little sister. But thank goodness for those techy people. They figured out the problem in record time, and now Mommy’s getting back on track. Tallulah Bee has even learned to sleep under the desk while Mommy is assisting me with my blog. Miracles do happen!

  5. Miles says:

    Oh no Miss Harper Lee!!! My mom says that’s the way things go sometimes. Good luck with the computer…I know my mom hates computer problems. I’m sure you and Tallulah Bee keep your mom smiling, even without being able to blog about it.

    • The silly computer was certainly far less obedient than you and I are Miles! But Tallulah and I tried to keep Mommy smiling through it all. Well, I did anyway; Tallulah was just a little irritant.

  6. Oh no. I hope it will be an easy fix.

    • Turned out it was an easy fix . . . easy for a tech geek, anyway. 😉 And now Mommy has been convinced to renew that little computer service contract before it expires next month. Do you think those people send some little bug to your computer just when you’re thinking you might not renew that contract? Just a thought. 😉

  7. Cupcake says:

    A-Z Challenge is a ton of fun. I hope you kids are up and running in time to get on board. Mom has never tried it because we are not daily bloggers, but we love reading our friends take on the ABCs. Good luck.

    Love and licks,

  8. raebyday says:

    So glad you’re back! We’ve had some lack of blogging as well when winter hit but are back at it! So glad to hear you’re happy and healthy. Can’t wait to read the A-Z challenge posts 🙂

  9. Kat says:

    Wishing you the best of luck getting back on track! I know how difficult that can be. 🙂

  10. Don’t be sad. Your friends will all be waiting when you get things back on track. ☺

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