HL Does NOLA from A to Z: P is for THE POINT

O1 thek9harperlee

P is for The Point, located directly across the Mississippi River from Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral. This is where you’ll find the most stunning, picture-worthy views of New Orleans.

O2 thek9harperlee

The Algiers Point-Canal Street ferry is the best and easiest way to get to The Point. Just board the ferry at the terminal located at the foot of Canal Street (a short walk from the French Quarter and close to Harrah’s casino and the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas). The ride is about 10 minutes and the ferry is even dog friendly. In fact, we have our very own special entrance. (For more information about ferry fares and schedules, you can click here.)

O3 thek9harperlee

After you’ve taken your pictures, it’s time to spend a few minutes exploring Old Algiers. Algiers is the only New Orleans neighborhood located on the city’s West Bank (the opposite side of the Mississippi River from the rest of the city). It’s also the city’s second oldest neighborhood. (The French Quarter is the oldest.) Today Algiers is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s home to quiet streets lined with colorful Victorian cottages.

O4 thek9harperlee

One of the neighborhood’s most magnificent buildings is the Algiers Courthouse, built in 1896 following the 1895 fire that destroyed the previous courthouse and much of Algiers.

O5 thek9harperlee

Before heading back to the ferry, grab a quick bite to eat and a beverage at one of Algiers’ many restaurants and watering holes. The Old Point Bar is the quintessential neighborhood dive bar and a great place to listen to a little  live music. Just make sure you don’t miss that last ferry back to the city. The cab and Uber rates are significantly higher than that ferry fare. 😉


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2 Comments on “HL Does NOLA from A to Z: P is for THE POINT”

  1. Emmadog says:

    I thought the first shot was from Disney World! Love the old fisher place, very classic.

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