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It seems like just yesterday I was telling you about the arrival of my little sister, Tallulah Bee. And then I blinked my eyes, and we were celebrating her first birthday. Well, my friends, last week my baby sister . . . how can I put this delicately . . . became a woman. Yep, Tallulah Bee is in heat, and the quarantine has begun.

Quarantine 2 thek9harperlee

We’re all new to this. My humans have always had a fabulous six-month birthday gift for their dogs: We either get spayed or neutered. Light the birthday cake candles; cue the confetti machine; and release the balloons. But Tallulah’s breeder requested that we allow her to go through one heat cycle. There are arguments for and against. We’re honoring the breeder’s wishes; after all, she knows more than a thing or two about Golden Retrievers. So here we go. The quarantine is on. I promise to be right by my sister’s side all the way . . . at least in spirit. A girl needs her sleep.

Quarantine 3 thek9harperlee

We’ve loaded up on supplies to get us through the quarantine.

TOP PAW DISPOSABLE DIAPERS: My human mommy and I immediately went to the store to make this purchase. Tallulah is a big girl, but we never really saw her as an extra-large girl. Surprise! She weighs 63 pounds, so we had to go with the extra-large diapers that should fit 55 to 90 pounds. I say should because we tried putting these on once. Total disaster. They were beyond a tight fit. Turns out Miss Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only  pretty girl with some extra junk in her trunk. Fortunately, we haven’t needed the diapers . . . yet . . . but if we do, Mommy’s trying to think of a way to combine two for maximum Golden coverage. Stay tuned for that.

EARTHBATH GROOMING WIPES: When Tallulah was just a tiny puppy still living with her breeder, her name was Pink. They called her Stinky Pinky because she was always getting into trouble. Let’s just say that my little sister has morphed back into Stinky Pinky. She is not a rose-scented pink powder puff at the moment. That’s why my human mommy was overjoyed to discover the Earthbath Grooming Wipes in a blog post from our friends at Barking from the Bayou. Talk about perfect timing. She quickly made this purchase. (And then she too quickly cut the top off of the package to get to the wipes. Desperation makes humans do crazy things. If you purchase the grooming wipes, follow the handy “Open Here” instructions.) The Earthbath Grooming Wipes have made life with Tallulah Bee far more tolerable, although we look forward to saying goodbye to Stinky Pinky once and for all when the quarantine ends.

PEDIGREE DENTASTIX FRESH BITES: My sister–bless her heart, as we say in the South–has been very conscientious about trying to keep herself clean. Unfortunately, this has left her with less-than-minty-fresh breath. (I know. This is too much information. But honestly, what part of this blog post isn’t?) So we’re trying the Fresh Bites. She still has some pretty foul-smelling breath, but we’re afraid it would be even worse without the doggy breath mints . . .and that’s a chance we’re not willing to take.

Quarantine 4 thek9harperlee

Oh, and my humans have stocked up on their quarantine supplies, too, which they are appropriately enough enjoying from their Golden Retriever wine glasses.

Quarantine 5 thek9harperlee

We’re taking the quarantine one day at a time. We honestly have no idea what to expect. We’ve been reading back through the posts our friends at Marking Our Territory shared when Penny was under house arrest. Sharing is caring, as they say, and we cannot thank Mr. Will enough for his insights into surviving “the event.” Mostly, Tallulah Bee is pitiful. She sleeps more than usual, and she is super cuddly (which makes my humans extra thankful for those grooming wipes and doggy breath mints). I’m thankful that she isn’t as interested as usual in bothering playing with me. But I do kind of miss my rambunctious little sister, and I know she misses her long morning walks with Mommy. This too shall pass. The quarantine will be lifted and, when the vet says the time is right, Tallulah will get her belated six-month birthday gift from my humans. Until then, wish us luck. We’re on a pretty steep learning curve.

21 Comments on “Quarantine”

  1. Best of luck with all of this. It looks like you’re as prepared as you can be – including lots of advice from Will.

    Love and licks,

    • We figure at this point we’re probably a little over halfway through the event. Not sure which is helping us endure more: the moral support or the wine . . . but we’re not willing to give up either!

  2. I am so happy that the earthbath grooming wipes are working. Thanks for the shout out. We love them for the boys and their mud puddles adventures. Bless poor Tallulah Bee’s ♥. I love your wine glasses too.

  3. Emmadog says:

    I know first paw all about that. I was four when I was spayed. I only went into heat once a year and didn’t have my first until I was almost 18 mo old! Mom was thinking of breeding me, but then decided not to and I was so mean when I was in heat, she couldn’t take it! Katie and Bailie were both spayed before their first heat. They say it is better that way, BUT, and I do mean BUT if they are spayed before, they tend to be more immature. Mom does find this to really be true. Katie was totally wild until she was five, and most people think Bailie is still a year old or less, but she will be three in a month. No matter. You will all survive one heat and then life will be back to normal.

    • We’ve been quite lucky so far. Tallulah has been super sedate and loving over the past couple of weeks. She hasn’t even driven us crazy at dinner time and complained about missing her walks. Shocking! Although the crazy old Tallulah does seem to be making a comeback as of today. Uugghh! Time to make that appointment with the vet. 😉

  4. fredrieka says:

    Poor girl having to wear something that is not stylish

  5. Glad we could offer a bit of solidarity. Wishing you guys lots of luck and wine! Hang in there.

  6. Marty the Manx says:

    Sending you all sympathy and hopes that it will all be over soon!

  7. tylersat99 says:

    None of my girls have been spayed. Mica and Lexie started out as show dogs so they had to stay intact. They didn’t come in until 18 months for Lexie (she kept herself clean) and Mica 2 yrs. I tried once to put pants on Lex and they were off in seconds. The first heat is usually more mild, at least for us and they could only become mommies for aprox. 5-10 days. Mica was always super loving.I have had many other female dogs, several breeds all intact no problems.

    • Tallulah has been super loving through it all. We’re hoping that sticks when it’s all over. 🙂 So far it really hasn’t been all that bad, but we’re happy to be doing it just once.

  8. Storm had many seasons while Thunder was still intact. We always did everything with Storm during that time including field training and hunting. In fact boy dogs field training with a bitch in season is a good thing because they have to learn to work through it. It is a BIG distraction. You don’t have to actually quarantine her provided you can keep an eye on her so no alone time in the yard unless you have an impenetrable fence.

    • I can imagine that would be a BIG distraction! I think we’ve just been extra freaked out about Tallulah getting “knocked up.” My human mommy has absolutely no interest in becoming anyone’s human grand-mommy. And Tallulah is quite the flirt 😉 So far so good!

  9. OMGosh As you know I have been out of the blogging loop so to speak. This post brought me back into the fold. I feel your pain MHL. I missed how Tallulah got so big! I will have to play catch up on just what a year you have had. A lot t to deal with but I’m sure you are handling it just fine. signed Mama Jo and the Sun Dogs (who have been wondering about you too).

  10. Were can I get those wine glasses?

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