Our Least Favorite Season


Hurricane season is our least favorite season. Autumn brings colorful leaves and cooling relief from summer’s oppressive heat and humidity. Spring marks an awakening from the dullness of winter, with beautiful blossoms and butterflies. Hurricane season just brings months of dread and anxiety. Generally at this point in the season, we’re starting to breathe a sigh of relief . . . but not this year. As I dictate this to my human mommy/blogging assistant, we’re watching Matthew approach our friends in Florida. We know a thing or two about hurricanes here in New Orleans and South Louisiana. During Hurricane Katrina, too many people were trapped in New Orleans with no means to evacuate. Today these Evacuspot sculptures dot the city.


Residents are encouraged to meet at these spots to be transported to safety. And they’re encouraged to bring their pets. Some people refused to leave before Katrina because they were not allowed to bring their pets with them. Lesson learned from that experience, thank goodness.


My humans have done their share of hurricane preparation. Plywood cut to fit our doors and windows rests in a storage unit. We hope we never ever have to use this plywood protection (Mommy says she hopes this is the biggest waste of money ever 😉 ), but it’s there if we need it.


Throughout hurricane season, Mommy ensures that Tallulah and I are stocked with food, treats, supplements, and medicine. Good work on that, Mommy.


She also makes sure that the humans have plenty of water and nonperishable food on hand. When the threat of hurricanes passes, she donates the canned goods to our local food bank . . . except the pop tarts and deviled ham. Those she eats to celebrate the end of the awful season.


And we stock up on batteries, batteries, and more batteries. We keep the flashlights handy and pull out the portable radio. (Yes, our portable radio is practically an antique, but it works.) We even have a battery-operated fan, which I absolutely love. You might notice that a shower curtain is included in our hurricane supplies. Why, you might ask? Sometimes hurricane power outages mean that the water supply is cut. The shower curtain can be used to line the bathtub prior to the storm and then the tub can be filled with water. (The shower curtain keeps the water from leaking through the drain.) You need to have water to flush the toilet, and flushing the toilet is super important to my mommy. Trust me, you’ll thank my mommy for this tip.


So as we watch Matthew churning toward Florida, we’re keeping our storm supplies handy a little longer. Our thoughts are with all in the hurricane’s path, from Florida to North Carolina. A number of projections take Matthew on a loop de loop back into Florida and then who knows where. My message to Matthew: You can just loop de loop yourself right out to sea and then disappear forever.

21 Comments on “Our Least Favorite Season”

  1. Wow, guys…you definitely have some ‘wagnificent’ tips there. We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed that Matthew isn’t as severe as they are predicting and send thoughts and prayers to all our southern fur-iends as hurricane season hopefully comes to an end soon.

    • I think your crossed fingers did the trick. Matthew was much less ferocious than feared. At this point it looks like hurricane threats are behind us. Time for a pop tart and deviled ham feast. 😉

  2. fredrieka says:

    It is scary. For us we get figured, clouds rain. Momwithoutpaws is running with scissors she misses the sun and it does weird things to her

  3. Emmadog says:

    We’ll just keep our tornado season. Hurricanes are way too scary! Stay safe!

  4. Cupcake says:

    We love that shower curtain idea! It’s brilliant. Also Pop-Tarts. That is the best hurricane food ever!

    Love and licks,

  5. Yeah, I likes that shower curtain tip! Surprisingly, we’ve never had the water cut off before, butts it makes sense. Luckily, all of our past earthquakes haven’t affected our water supply (knock on wood!), butts Ma likes this tip! Oh, and Ma is TOTALLY with you on the the PopTarts and Deviled ham! Two of her favs!!!
    Stay safe!!!!
    Ruby ♥

    • My human mommy is totally freaked out by the idea of an earthquake. She’s a planner, and planning and earthquakes don’t go together. Just remember: if you ever do lose water in an earthquake and you don’t have a tub-full back-up supply, you can always make a batch of ice-free margaritas. 😉

  6. Hurricane season is always scary. We keep a few emergency supplies and always stock up when it looks as if a storm is headed our way. Y’all stay safe down there. ♥

  7. Peyton says:

    Lived through Betsy, Camille, and Katrina. Hurricanes are definitely scary and no fun. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of the people affected by Matthew.

    • Wow, you’ve seen the worst of them. A bad storm is a three-part terror: the anticipation, the actual event, and the recovery. We were happy to see that Matthew was not as evil as anticipated, although he did cause the good people of North Carolina quite a few flooding problems.

  8. Thanks MHL for the great tips in hurricane preparedness. Kali and I don’t live where Hurricanes are an annual threat but our prayers have been with those people and pets in the path of Matthew.

  9. cafall says:

    Stay safe! I’m glad you are prepared.

    …and I am so happy to see “pets” on that sign. I wouldn’t leave if I couldn’t bring mine along.

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

    • There’s been a real effort to think of pets when it comes to evacuations in the wake of Katrina. Earlier this year, South Louisiana had severe flooding. Many of the shelters that people were forced to go to had accommodations for pets. I hate to think of the number of people who would have stayed behind had that not been the case.

  10. Piglove says:

    Awesome tips beautiful! My mom might be calling your mom soon. Be on the lookout 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

    • When Mommy got home from yesterday’s walk with Tallulah, she told me all about her talk with your mom. She also said that your mom has the sweetest voice. Now we know why you’re such an adorable little piggy. 🙂

      • Piglove says:

        aaww piggy blushes. Mom told me about your talk too and said the same about your mom. Funny how those two called without us present. We gotta get them for that beautiful. XOXO – Bacon

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