2016: One Spot, Twelve Shots

This time last year, my humans and I created our own little 2016 photo challenge: Select one location and go there once a month to take a photo of me with my sister, Tallulah Bee. We chose a little willow tree in New Orleans’ Audubon Park, partly because we knew a willow tree would change throughout the year but mostly because it was close to the parking lot and we knew that in summer’s peak heat we’d want a location that wasn’t too much of a hike. We decided to take the monthly photo at the end of each month (mostly due to procrastination) and in the morning (due, again, to the heat that we knew would make summer photos challenging). We posted our pictures each month on Instagram. Today I’m sharing our year in pictures with you.

janfebmarch2016-thek9harperleeJanuary, February, March 2016

After our January photo, Mommy wondered if Tallulah Bee would ever learn to look at the camera (#easilydistracted). By the time February rolled around, the duck population in the pond behind us had greatly increased since the previous month, adding immensely to the degree of difficulty in getting a good photo (#yummyduckpoop, said Tallulah). In March, we had zero cooperation from my little sister. She was obsessed with sticks and water fowl . . . anything but the camera. That’s ok. I managed to notice that the grass was turning green again, and our sweet little willow tree was budding out. I also managed to smile for the camera (#professional).

aprilmayjune2016-thek9harperleeApril, May, June 2016

April was full of showers, which the little willow tree definitely seemed to enjoy (#muddypaws). Tallulah and I should have enjoyed the last of the cool spring temperatures. By May we were starting to feel summer’s heat and appreciating that decision early on to pick a photo spot that was close to the parking lot (#melting). June’s photo was technically taken the first weekend in July. It was the only month throughout the year that we cheated; but notice that Tallulah was finally looking at the camera . . . more or less (#smallvictories).

 julyaugsept2016-thek9harperleeJuly, August, September 2016

Our July photo was taken on a super hot morning, so I opted for a little rest in the cool grass . . . which made Tallulah look like a giant (#perspective). The next picture pretty much sums up our August photo shoot in front of the little willow tree. Despite the unbearable heat, I was ready to pose. And Tallulah? She just wanted to eat grass. Mommy wondered how much longer we could use the “she’s a puppy” excuse (#excusesexcuses). We thought (hoped) August would be our last sizzling monthly photo session in Audubon Park. Wrong! Tallulah and I were desperately looking for autumn (#farinthedistance).

 octnovdec2016-thek9harperleeOctober, November, December 2016

October’s photo was yet another challenge: migrating ducks, duck poo, and the heat that lasted through Halloween. As you can tell, Tallulah was super hyped, while I was not so amused. What you can’t see is my human daddy holding Tallulah still. The magic of editing (#thatswhytheycallitaphotochallenge). Three magical things finally happened for our November photo: 1) We finally had cool weather. 2) Tallulah and I finally both really looked at the camera. 3) Mommy finally brought treats, which is why the second thing finally happened (#humansarehardtotrain). Mommy says that our December photo is her favorite, and not because it was the last of the year, haha. She loves this one because it shows our pure joy . . . and because Tallulah didn’t notice the swan in the background. It only took 12 months (and about a thousand snaps of the camera), but we managed to get the perfect shot (#practemakesperfect). We’re currently scouting locations for this year’s monthly photos. Finding a spot without ducks and duck poop is a priority. 😉

19 Comments on “2016: One Spot, Twelve Shots”

  1. Emmadog says:

    My mom has thought about doing this for a few years now, but we can never decide on the spot and then we never get around to doing it. Nice job! They told Mom in a photography class to give this a try.

    • Your mom really ought to try it in 2017. You have actual changes in your seasons, so it would be really interesting. Plus, Madison is still growing, so you would see the changes in her. Just a word of advice to your mom: places with duck poo and water fowl do not make good spots. 😉

  2. Love all the shades of personality that shine through year-round.

  3. All of your pics were charming! Good luck finding your next location. It might be a kind of a hard assignment if you have that many ducks around. 😉 🦆

  4. fredrieka says:

    It’s hard to look at the camera when there are more interesting things going on

  5. Cupcake says:

    Every picture tells its own little story. Cool challenge. Great job, girls! Can’t wait to see your new duck-free spot.

    Love and licks,

  6. Marty the Manx says:

    They are all fabulous! A spot without ducks might be a good idea though hehehe!

  7. Taking a photo each month in the same place is such a great idea. I love several of the poses and understand the need to keep the walk short in the New Orleans summer!

  8. cafall says:

    I think I’m going to try that! I loved your photos and I think the pups personalities where showing in each photo!

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

  9. Jessi says:

    Love all your beautiful pictures!!! Very nice post to read. You all did a great job:)

  10. […] Harper Lee and Tallulah Bee — blogging at thek9harperlee […]

  11. Piglove says:

    ppssttt – Happy Valentines Day beautiful. Will you be my Valenpig? XOXO – Bacon

  12. Photos are awesome. I think photos of dog are always cute and heart taking.

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