The Road to BlogPaws 2017

Last week my sister and I went over the river, through the woods, across four state lines, and approximately 825 miles on our way to BlogPaws 2017 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. If you don’t know about BlogPaws, here’s a little something from the BlogPaws website to introduce you:

BlogPaws is an inclusive, global community of pet enthusiasts who write about and support pets via social media. We connect brands with pet parents and pet parents with each other, 24/7/365.

The nice people at BlogPaws also present an annual pet-friendly three-day conference offering blogging and social media education and connecting bloggers with brands. So that’s why we loaded the chariot with two portable dog crates, a dog bed, a small cooler, enough dog food to feed two dogs for six days, dog bowls, beach towels, dog toys, dog treats, fancy dog collars for the awards ceremony, a few bottles of wine, two computers, two suitcases filled with human clothes, two dogs, and two humans. Surprisingly no one had to ride in a rocking chair tied to the top of the chariot. (That’s a reference to the old Beverly Hillbillies show. Click here to refresh your memory.)

Our first state-line photo-op was in Mississippi. (You might recall from my trip to Florida a few years ago that my human mommy is obsessed with getting photos at every single state line, despite my human daddy’s reluctance to stop. Once again on this trip, Mommy won . . . most of the time.) Tallulah was looking mighty proud in front of that Mississippi sign because she was born in Mississippi. Daddy’s hand and our poo bag holders made a nice little cameo in this photo. You’ll notice this as a recurring theme along the way.

Our next state-line stop was Alabama. Now I have a little something to say about Alabama and its “welcome” centers. This beautiful “welcome” center was under constructions last time we drove through “sweet home” Alabama, so we visited a temporary center where a very welcoming lady invited me in with my humans and told us all about a beautiful dog-friendly Alabama beach. My how things have changed in the last few years. If you’re in the market for a “NO PETS ALLOWED” sign, forget about it. Alabama has bought every single one and installed them all over their “welcome” center grounds. We did find a small patch of grass on the other side of the semi-truck parking that allowed pets. Tallulah and I made our little stop, posed illegally in front of this sign, and then hit the road.

My feelings about Alabama softened somewhat when I spotted this sign. Monroeville is the hometown of the human Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird and my namesake. Now if Mommy and I had been alone when I saw that sign, we would have made an immediate detour. But Daddy was behind the wheel and he had a schedule to keep, so Mommy barely captured this photo through the window. Maybe next time.

It’s a good thing that Mommy’s through-the-window-photo skills are so outstanding because by the time we reached the Georgia state line there was no stopping Daddy. He said that we were almost to Atlanta (where we would be spending the night) and we’d take pictures there. Daddy won that one.

So the next time our paws touched the ground we were in Atlanta and checking in to the dog-friendly W Atlanta – Midtown, where we were completely and totally spoiled rotten. Tallulah enjoyed the view out of the window . . .

. . . while I enjoyed the comfort of the bed.

Our hotel was just steps from beautiful Piedmont Park, where we went for a lovely walk before meeting Atlanta friends for dinner at Henry’s Midtown Tavern. After much food (for the humans at least), a fair amount of adult beverages (again, just for the humans), and lots and lots of water for everyone, we said goodnight to our good friends and walked back to our hotel to recharge before starting the final leg of our road to BlogPaws 2017.

It seemed as if Tallulah and I had barely gotten into the car the next day when our humans woke us up for the final state-line photo-op in South Carolina. Moment of truth: Tallulah and I slept for most of the trip. Occasionally we woke up, looked out the window, repositioned, and went back to sleep. It’s good to have chauffeurs. It’s also a good thing we got so much rest on the road, because our next stop would be Myrtle Beach and BlogPaws 2017 . . . where the action was nonstop . . . and I cannot wait to tell you all about it . . . after I catch up on my beauty rest.

24 Comments on “The Road to BlogPaws 2017”

  1. What’s this?? You were in Myrtle Beach and didn’t stop to visit your friends in Columbia????
    Pretty and I are horrified – please tell me the only reason you didn’t call us was that you were on a very tight time schedule with your human mommy and daddy…even that is not really a good excuse. 😦
    Next time…

    • I know. I know. We are horrible humans and dogs. On the way there, we weren’t entirely sure that Tallulah’s social graces were as refined as mine (we were all thrilled to learn that, while not quite at my level, she can indeed behave like a lady), and then on the way back we were so exhausted that it would have taken a crowbar to remove our fluffy butts from the car . . . and the canines were pretty tuckered, too. 😉 Next time . . . we promise!

  2. Miles says:

    Wow!! Sounds like your mom is a master of packing or a semi is now the family car! My mom is very impressed. Lindsey and mom would have mailed you bandanas if they had know you were headed to a conference.
    Glad you all had a fun and safe trip.

    • Our human mommy is indeed a master of packing. When the valet gentlemen at our Atlanta stops to and from the conference tried to start loading the chariot, Mommy politely asked them to step aside; she had it under control. Daddy, the valet gentlemen, Tallulah, and I just watched in amazement.
      Mommy needs to take a picture of her To Do List for you. “Order bandanas from Geaux Fideaux” was on that list for about three months prior to our departure. Obviously, one of the many things Mommy did not accomplish, and our biggest regret. But I promise you that we will be adding to our wardrobe soon (girls need to have fresh summer looks) and doing a special blog post all about our creative friends!

  3. Piglove says:

    I’m dumbfounded. Completely in shock. Oh beautiful, you were right here in my stomping ground at Piedmont Park and you didn’t call me. Really? Where has the love gone? My mom/dad would have loved meeting ya’ll in real life – of course with me sending lots and lots of hogs and snout kisses. My ❤ is broken – pouts. XOXO – Bacon

    • You know how humans on a schedule can be, Bacon. Unlike dogs, they simply refuse to stop and sniff every little thing. But, I will tell you that the humans fell head over heals in love with Atlanta, so I have a feeling they’ll be back (hopefully with us in tow), and they’ll definitely let you and your humans know!

  4. If sleep and rest equals beauty, you girls have cornered the market. Wow, what’s up with ‘Bama?

    • What’s up with ‘Bama indeed? Our humans say that one person–one really loud, grumpy, non-dog-loving person–probably stepped in dog poo one time, and now we’re all being punished for it. It was interesting that on the way back, at the only stop we made in ‘Bama, there were no trash cans anywhere near the remote doggy walking area. So we were forced to enter the “forbidden zone” to dispose of our poop bags. Really, ‘Bama, get it together!

  5. This was pawtastic! I admire people like you that REALLY had to not only prepare (I laughed at the Beverly Hillbillies reference), but had to drive quite a distance with 2 large dogs! That is no small task! (I also saw the “no pets allowed” photo lol). Loved this!

    • My human mommy says there is absolutely no way she ever could have done it without my human daddy’s help. Imagine trying to go through a buffet line with just one dog!

  6. OMD! I can’t believe that we missed this year and missed meeting our south LA buddies! I know y’all had a pawsome time. ♥

    • It was one of the highlights of our collective dog-human lives! Imagine how much better every professional conference would be if dogs were allowed to attend all of the educational sessions and meals. I’ll bet that would help attendance and interaction big time. 😉

  7. So fun! You girls must have gotten plenty of beauty rest because you look beautiful! I LOVE when Mom takes me to a hotel. That’s always my favorite part of a trip.

    Love and licks,

    • Awwww, flattery will get you everywhere, Cupcake. 🙂 I’ve always loved staying in hotels with my humans (it’s one a the few times I’m allowed in a bed because hotel beds are much closer to the ground than the humans’ bed at home and the humans worry less about me falling off), but this was Tallulah’s first hotel experience. She passed with flying colors so I’m pretty sure we’ll all be hitting the road on a regular basis now. Yippee!

  8. Jan K says:

    Awww….you girls went too?? How could I possibly have missed you?? I was stalking just about every golden retriever I saw! 🙂 Oh, did you walk the red carpet? I took a photo of two goldens there, and asked someone who they were but they didn’t know your blog.

    • Missing you at BlogPaws 2017 is one of the very few regrets we have, and we were stalked by quite a few Golden lovers. 😉 We did indeed walk the red carpet with both of our humans, so I’m pretty sure you did see us. This all just means that we need to go to the next BlogPaws conference!

  9. Emmadog says:

    Sorry we had to cancel, but hopefully next year it will work out. I always sleep in the car but Bailie likes to be up looking out the window the entire trip.

  10. dogdaz says:

    Looks like a great start to your adventure. Looking forward to more.

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