Two Blondes and a Beach

All work and no play can make Golden Retrievers a little stir crazy, so I cannot begin to tell you how excited Tallulah and I were the evening that we snuck away from the business of BlogPaws 2017 to feel the sand between our toes and frolic in the surf on Myrtle Beach.

It was my second time to visit the beach (you can read about my 2014 Florida beach trip and Great Golden Gathering here and here), but it was Tallulah’s first time. My little sister is definitely a beach girl. (It’s not surprising. Her Golden grandmother, Katie, is from Lakewood Golden Retrievers in Melbourne, Florida. My humans and I actually met Katie on our Florida beach visit almost three years ago. At the time, we had absolutely no idea that Tallulah would join our family one day. Life can be funny that way. But I digress.) My human mommy says that if we’d dropped Tallulah’s leash at Myrtle Beach, she would have swum to Cuba. Luckily Daddy kept a tight grip.

If you have four paws and a tail, there are a few of things that you need to know about visiting Myrtle Beach. Animals are not allowed on the beach between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. from May 1 to Labor Day. Dogs must be on a leash at all times and–I know all of my friends know this, but some people need to be reminded–please pick up after your pets. Humans go to the beach to feel the sand between their toes . . . not something else. 😉 And for the humans who will be joining their pets at Myrtle Beach, there is plenty of paid parking at little lots all along the beach. My humans learned the hard way, however, that the meters do not take American Express and they do not accept $20 bills, so Daddy had to run across the street to get change. Trust me . . . it was worth it.

Our beach visit was quick, but we’ll cherish the memory forever and ever. When I close my eyes, I can still feel the sea breeze blowing through my hair and my feet sinking into the soft sand. It was magical. Wishing you a magical weekend that creates moments and memories that last forever. Cheers!

24 Comments on “Two Blondes and a Beach”

  1. Emmadog says:

    The beach is the best. I miss it so!

  2. Dashlilly says:

    What a great post! We have loved all of your posts about your trip to Blogpaws. What a great adventure!!

    • Thank you so much! We’ve really enjoyed sharing the adventure. We weren’t sure how Tallulah would react to her first big road trip. To say that we were all pleasantly surprised is the understatement of the year. 😉

  3. Love this post – the pictures of Harper Lee and Tallulah are awesome!
    Next time you come this way you must stop at one of our beaches that allow dogs to run wild!! They would never be the same…nor would you. 🙂

    • Thank you. It was one of those early evenings when the sun was just right. That plus a lot of luck. 😉 I’m trying to imagine Tallulah in a situation where she could “run wild.” That plus a beach and South Carolina might not ever be the same!

  4. Piglove says:

    Squeals with piggy excitement. We love the beach too. And let me tell you beautiful, you look sexier than any of those glam models on Baywatch. hubba-hubba. XOXO – Bacon

    • And did you notice that Tallulah and I violated the “swimsuit required” ordinance? Good thing we didn’t get caught. I’d imagine the fine for that one would be a little steep. 😉

      • Piglove says:

        Trust me beautiful – I did notice that. Winks and oinks. I love a girl that knows how to break the rules. hubba hubba. XOXO – Bacon

  5. Love your pictures! We love the beach too. Honey wouldn’t join Tallulah in a swim. But she’d be happy to dig her way to Cuba.

    • Fortunately for us, Tallulah didn’t discover just how much fun digging in sand can be. Otherwise, we would all have been covered and apologizing to everyone around us.

  6. The boys have never been to the beach but we hope to remedy that this summer. It looks like a great adventure.

    • I can’t wait to see pictures of the boys on the beach. There’s a dog-friendly beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi (which is less than two hours from us and Tallulah’s hometown), so we’ve contemplated a day trip there. Mommy’s just not sure about that ride home with two wet Golden Retrievers.

  7. pibblelife says:

    Lookin’ good on the beach! 😉 my humom hates it when humans don’t pick up after their dogs! She almost stepped in poop at the beach yesterday!

  8. Awesome beach adventure, Miss HL. It looks like you and your sister were very well behaved and had lots of fun.

    Love and licks,

    • For the most part, we were good girls. The humans barely avoided having dislocated shoulders from us pulling on our leashes, so I guess you can call the adventure a success. 😉

  9. Both you girls look pawsitively wagnificent on the beach!

  10. dogdaz says:

    Fun fun fun. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Make sure those blonds have sunscreen 🙂

  11. Jan K says:

    We’re so glad you girls got a chance to enjoy the beach when at the conference! Our Sheba loved swimming so much, even though she never got to visit the ocean – she made do with the lakes, ponds, and rivers we have closer by us!

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