Pawing It Forward

Remember when I told you about all the stuff that filled our chariot on the road to BlogPaws 2017? Well, on the way home, we had to find a little additional room for these huge duffle bags overflowing with all kinds of fabulous swag. Everyone attending the BlogPaws conference received a swag bag of goodies specifically selected for dogs, cats, or both. Because both of my humans were officially registered, Tallulah and I came home with two bags . . . filled with dog items, of course.

Those two bags sat on top of the dryer in our laundry room for way too long several weeks, until Mommy finally let us dig in.

Wow, the haul was somewhat overwhelming. We’ve set aside a few things that we think you might like to know about. Look for more on that in the next couple of months . . .

. . . but Mommy and I delivered most of the items to our friends at Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO). ARNO is a nonprofit, grassroots, volunteer organization founded after Hurricane Katrina. ARNO operates a no-kill triage shelter and has found homes for more than 8,300 companion animals. We can’t think of a better place to paw the BlogPaws love forward.

We also delivered a bag of super yummy and healthy food from The Naked Dog. Here’s a little background info from The Naked Dog website:

In 2014, Marco and Bere Giannini started The Naked Dog with the mission of helping pet parents access only the healthiest products for their pets. Within the next three years, The Naked Dog family grew to 11 retail locations in Southern California and built a group of pet parents dedicated to their grain-free, gluten-free in-house pet food and treat brand, Naked. In 2017, The Naked Dog Box was founded to help broaden the reach of this healthy mission, allowing pet parents across the nation to get Naked with its bi-monthly pet food subscription service. Marco, Bere, and the whole Naked Dog family are proud to have kept their Naked Promise: higher quality pet food and fair prices, available to all.

My friend Emma from My GBGV Life wrote an excellent review of The Naked Dog food and subscription service. I hope you’ll click here to read more. As you can see from the picture above, Tallulah was a little unsure about parting with The Naked Dog food, but I explained to her that the dogs at ARNO would really, really appreciate the donation. I think she understood.

BlogPaws is all about sharing the love and improving the lives of animals. I’m so happy that I could paw it forward by delivering treats, toys, and food to the dogs at Animal Rescue New Orleans. Even with my new shades, I see a bright and shiny future for my shelter friends.


29 Comments on “Pawing It Forward”

  1. Holy mackerel! That WAS quite the score and bravo to you guys for donating to such a worthy shelter. Way to go, girls! 😍

  2. Wow – talk about a HAUL!!
    The pictures are fabulous – and so glad the rescue group benefited, too!!

  3. dashlilly says:

    Great work! Let’s hear it for the NOLA girls. Looking good.

  4. Piglove says:

    OMP! What a wonderful way to pay it forward beautiful!! Sending you bunches of hogs and snout kisses for doing such a wonderful thing ❤ XOXO – Bacon

    • It’s the people at ARNO who are really doing the wonderful thing, Bacon. We just adore that they give sweet animals a chance to be just as loved and spoiled as you and I.

  5. So sweet, Miss HL. You have made a lot of doggies very happy while they’re waiting for their forever homes. You rock!

    Love and licks,

    • Thank you, Cupcake. Tallulah wanted to keep everything–well, actually she just wanted to pick up everything and run around with it–but I explained to her that it’s time to grow up and think of others. 😉

  6. Golden Woofs says:

    PAWSOME! Stil need to open ours and take photos with KORU BEAR 🙂 but we plan to donate some of the goodies too.

  7. CarolMaeWY says:

    Way to go generous NOLA gals. You make the best models for those products. The rescue is such a good cause.

  8. pibblelife says:

    WOW that is some swag bag!! Very cool that you guys pawed it forward and donated it to those in need!! TWO PAWS UP!

    • You absolutely cannot imagine the variety of things those BlogPaws people packed into the swag bags. I think those doggies at ARNO are going to be very pleasantly surprised!

  9. Emmadog says:

    Thanks again for the mention 🙂 We are a bit jealous as Bailie and I both went to two different BlogPaws conferences but we had to share one bag! You guys are lucky. No wonder you could give a lot away!

    • Thanks for your excellent review of The Naked Dog. Your reviews are always so good. The BlogPaws group gives the swag bags based on the number of humans registered. (I know, dogs are way more important but they don’t actually write the checks.) Daddy was also registered–mostly so he could eat with us–and that’s why we ended up with two bags. Don’t worry, we made Daddy work for his food. He attended the sessions that conflicted timewise with the sessions that Mommy attended. Teamwork!

  10. The swag bags are pawsome and it’s so nice of y’all to share!

    • Mommy says Tallulah and I would have gained 20 pounds each if we’d kept all those goodies. We don’t really see anything wrong with that, but we were happy to share. 😉

  11. What a nice thought! I have also donated BlogPaws swag to my local shelter where they always need yummy training treats. Good to remember that not every dog has a happy home (yet) like Talullah and Harper Lee.

    • I can just imagine how a BlogPaws swag bag would make Honey’s sailboat list. 😉 It’s sad to think of all the animals who have yet to find their forever homes. But then we think of the workers and volunteers at shelters like ARNO who love and care for those animals while they’re waiting for their human matches, and it makes our tails wag.

  12. Jan K says:

    Aw, that is so sweet. And how lucky were you to get two bags! My dogs are still holding it against me that I got the combo dog/cat bag so they got less stuff. LOL
    We like to share as well. I am giving some of our cat goodies to my sister’s cat, I gave a bag of goodies to our local shelter, and we’ll also be doing a giveaway on the blog for some others. the best thing is, with all that, the crew still got plenty of stuff!
    It really is fun to share!

    • Tallulah and I were standing right next to our humans when the BlogPaws staffer handing out the bags asked, “Dog, cat, or dog and cat combo?” There was no way we were going to let them get away with that whole combo thing. 😉

  13. Ogee says:

    Generous girls! I’m very proud of you both for spreading the love where it is needed most. 🙂

  14. Marty the Manx says:

    Way to Paw it Forward Miss Harper Lee!

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