Do You Have Plans?

Did you know that June is National Pet Preparedness Month? This is the perfect time make plans to secure your pet’s safety in an emergency.

Ironically, as I started dictating this blog post to my human mommy/blogging assistant earlier this week, we were just starting to feel the first rain bands from Tropical Storm Cindy. What? You thought I typed my own posts? Are you kidding? I don’t even hold my own umbrella. I have humans who do those sorts of things for me. But back to preparing for your pet’s safety.

Last fall I shared the items that we make sure to stock for dogs and humans during hurricane season. (You can click here to refresh your memory.) Our friends at Hill’s Pet have put together 7 Tips to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety in an Emergency:

  • Prepare an “Emergency Grab-and-Go Kit” that is easily accessible in an emergency. The kit should include basic first aid supplies; a three-day supply of pet food in a waterproof container, bottled water, and bowls; a safety harness and leash; waste clean-up supplies; medications and medical records; a contact list of veterinarian and pet care organizations; information on your pet’s feeding routine and any behavioral issues; and comfort items such as a blanket or favorite toy to keep your pet calm and comfortable.
  • Use a microchip or collar ID with up-to-date contact information.
  • Put a pet-rescue decal on the door or window so first responders know a pet may be inside.
  • Know where to look for your pet if they’re afraid so that you can evacuate faster.
  • Have a pet-friendly place in mind to go in case you have to leave your home. 
  • Carry a picture of your pet in the event of separation.
  • Take a pet carrier or crate with you for transportation and safe keeping.

Making a plan now could be the difference between life and death when disaster strikes . . . and you can sleep just as soundly as Tallulah knowing that you’ve prepared. Fortunately, what is now former Tropical Storm Cindy hasn’t been much of an issue for us so far. But it’s nice to know that when something more serious does happen, we’ll be ready. Will you?

21 Comments on “Do You Have Plans?”

  1. Thank you so much for this lesson, Miss Harper Lee. We are woefully “under” prepared for every emergency, but you have inspired us to make a better effort.
    Thank you – and Tallulah, too. She looks so sweet when she’s asleep!

    • E for effort! We probably all tend to be under prepared, but every little bit helps!
      P.S. Tallulah is an excellent sleeper. She’ll be the girl who snoozes through disaster. 😉

  2. Oooh, we like your plan and love your soft sided pet carrier (green is a good color for you!). Our mum has a go bag in the car and is always coming up with new things that she needs to add to it to keep my Ninja sister safe. Stay dry and safe this weekend.
    Your fur-iend,

  3. Piglove says:

    Now I just love your assistants beautiful. Anytime you need more helpers, you just let me know. I can work your security – 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  4. Emmadog says:

    Around here about the only thing is a tornado, but they are pretty rare. Mom has a plan if one is in the area, or if there is a fire.

    • Tornadoes are super scary and so unpredictable, so it’s really good that she has a plan . . . just in case. The best disaster plans are the ones that you never have to use. 🙂

  5. CarolMaeWY says:

    These are the best tips Miss Harper Lee.
    Sammy, our smaller dog, is afraid of the wind. Not good in WY. We bought him a storm coat that wraps him snuggly and keeps him calm.

    • Thank you! We had a terrier mix, Lexi, who was scared to death of thunder storms, which we have all the time on the Gulf Coast. She would hide in the closet or the shower. She actually pushed on the shower door until it opened so she could get in. I’m so happy that the storm coat keeps Sammy calm. Wishing you a wind-free weekend!

      • CarolMaeWY says:

        One of our dogs who was bigger was afraid of storms too and would get into the bathtub. We had to open the door for him. He wasn’t the snuggler Sam is.
        Hope you have a great, sunny weekend.

  6. I hope Tropical Storm Cindy is still being kind as it’s being downgraded. Mom laughed at the idea of having a picture of me in case of emergency. She will have trouble choosing from the 6 gabillion she has.

    Stay safe!

    • Mommy laughed at the whole picture thing too. But it did make her realize that she should probably take a picture of Daddy, just in case they get separated during an emergency. 😉

  7. We have an emergency bag but hope to never need it!

    • We like to think that having a plan and an emergency bag actually helps to prevent the emergency, because you know if you don’t something bad is bound to happen. Stay safe, friends!

  8. Ogee says:

    Thanks for doing this post. Excellent advice!

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