Finally, Tallulah Does PetSmart

After two years, two months, and 10 days on this Earth, my little sister finally made her first visit to PetSmart last weekend. I know. Even my humans were surprised (and, frankly, appalled with themselves) when they realized that poor little Tallulah Bee had never set foot in a PetSmart store. By the time I was Tallulah’s age, I’d been to PetSmart hundreds of times. It’s where I attended obedience classes–beginner, intermediate, advanced, and post-graduate studies–and where I had my hair done before we moved to New Orleans. Tallulah went to obedience school at Camp Bow Wow and now we get our hair done at the groomer down the street. So this little adventure was a super big deal. Clearly, Tallulah had no idea what was about to happen when she walked through those magic doors.

It didn’t take her long to realize that PetSmart is quite possibly the happiest place on Earth when you’re a dog. Tallulah was a little blur as she raced up and down every single aisle.

She slowed a bit when she reached the toy aisle and stuck her nose in every single bin . . .

. . . literally every . . . single . . . bin.

And then Tallulah came to a screeching halt when she rounded a corner and found herself (almost) face-to-face with the hamsters, gerbils, and other furry creatures in the small animal cages.

She was especially enamored with the guinea pigs. She begged and begged our humans to get one for her–after all, they were on sale–but the humans wisely refused. (NOTE: No guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, or other small furry, feathered, finned, or scaled animals were injured in the course of Tallulah’s first PetSmart visit. My humans kept her at a safe distance and maintained a tight grip!)

While she didn’t come home with a guinea pig, Tallulah did return with a few special treasures. Remember last year when we were looking for a toy that Tallulah wouldn’t destroy? (Click here to read about our seemingly hopeless quest.) Well, we’ve finally discovered that she is less likely to “kill” the non-stuffy toys. With the addition of her new Dino the Dinosaur purchase, she is now up to three so far merely gently loved non-stuffy toys. Paws crossed that this success continues. Tallulah also picked up a free small bag of ProPlan salmon-and-rice-flavored food thanks to a pretty incredible PetSmart promotion: pick up a free bag of food and PetSmart gave a pet in need a free meal. Talk about a win-win situation.

Tallulah also did some personal shopping for me while she was at PetSmart. I asked her to pick up some kitty toys and doggy treats to send to some very special friends in Texas. Their kitten, Trixie, is new to the family so she needed some special welcome gifts. And I thought their two dogs, who are now forced to share their home with this new feline, deserved some special treats. Shoutout to JoJo and Tag: I’ve got your backs! Clearly, Tallulah’s long-overdue first PetSmart visit was a roaring success. Wishing you equally exciting and successful adventures this weekend. Cheers!

33 Comments on “Finally, Tallulah Does PetSmart”

  1. Carla says:

    Thank you for thinking of us, Harper Lee!
    Tag and I have almost finished the entire bag of treats. They are just what we needed to boost our energy levels. Taking care of a new kitten takes lots of work! She is a rescue and has never had a Fur Mom so she thinks that Tag and I are “the end all be all”. The toys you gave her are very sweet and she enjoys them very much. But did you know the cat nip makes a kitty go crazy????
    Much love and big smooches,
    JoJo (and Tag & Trixie)

  2. Piglove says:

    Squeals with piggy laughter. We all admit here at the Hotel Thompson that Petsmart is one of the happiest places in the world to us anipals. Mom refers to it as the Disney World to the canines. Happy weekend! XOXO – Bacon

    • And when the humans pay for things, the cashiers give the dogs treats. Wow! Mommy’s wondering why the grocery cashiers don’t give her chocolate. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  3. Oh Tallulah…you finally got to experience Christmas in July! Yay for you. It’s quite the wonderland, isn’t it? Any time of year. 🙂

  4. Emmadog says:

    How deprived never having been to a PetSmart at her age! Glad she had such a fun trip!

  5. CarolMaeWY says:

    Tallulah, so much fun. We only have a small Petco. You found toys you couldn’t destroy? We’re off to shop! Have fun this week.

    • Our closest Petco and PetSmart are a little on the small size (the larger ones are in the ‘burbs). But they both have more than enough toys and treats to keep both of us entertained!

  6. pibblelife says:

    How fun!!! I love going to PetSmart too! Hope Tallulah gets to go to PetSmart more often! 🙂

  7. So fun! I hope you got to sniff the rawhide aisle, T. That’s always my favorite part of any store. That said, I’ve never had rawhide or any of those crispy things, and wouldn’t know what to do with them if I had one. But sniffing them is awesome.

    Love and licks,

  8. Pierre visited our PetSmart groomer this week. Bentley hasn’t been shopping in a while so we need to take him for a fun trip there. It is the happiest place for pups!

  9. Happiness abounds for Tallulah at the magical PetSmart! Thank goodness she passed the test to be accepted for shopping – these pictures are fabulous!!
    Happy Weekend to all!!

  10. Sam says:

    How nice of you and your sister! Congrats on the big trip, Tallulah Bee!!

  11. llindaxxo says:

    Such a cute and fun shopping trip!!! I love taking Bebe to pet stores to shop for new toys and treats!

  12. Our girls love Pet Smart too! What dog wouldn’t?? But I don’t think a toy exists that Kloe can’t shred. She loves to chew and fortunately other than when she was a wee pup she has always been so respectful of anything in the house that is not hers. Thx for another enjoyable post MLH. You’ve got a lovely sissie.

    • Mommy is quite famous for saying that Tallulah hasn’t ever chewed anything that doesn’t belong to her. Ummmm . . . I beg to differ. My toys were mine . . . not hers . . . and now they’re either gone of in hiding. #bigsisterproblems 😉

  13. Jan K says:

    It sure looks like Tallulah had an enjoyable, successful, and productive visit! We have a feeling she’ll be going back there again….just try to keep her away! 🙂

  14. Looks like she is a born shopper!

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