October Photo Challenge Day 6: ADDICTION

Finally, six days into the October Photo Challenge, I have an assignment that involves food. Hello, my name is Miss Harper Lee, and I have a banana ADDICTION. It all began when I was just a puppy and my human daddy shared a tiny taste of banana with me. I was hooked. Since that day, Daddy and I have enjoyed sneaking nanners in the morning. Shhhhh . . . don’t tell my human mommy. She’s completely against Daddy sharing food with me. She says it forms bad habits. Whatever. It’s not like I get the whole banana . . . just a tiny taste . . . just enough to get me to the next morning. Just enough to feed my addiction.

The daily October Photo Challenge posts could miss a beat or two over the next few days. We are currently preparing for what is now Tropical Storm Nate and what will in all likelihood become Hurricane Nate. Not exactly the weekend houseguest we want to be entertaining. New Orleans’ antiquated infrastructure may be even less reliable than usual. There’s a chance we’ll lose power. There’s also a chance we’ll see a drop in water pressure that will result in a boil advisory. There’s a chance pumps will fail and parts of the city could face flooding issues. Such is life. We deal with these things on a normal day. The humans have stocked up on supplies–most importantly dog food and chewy treats–so we’re good. Wishing you a wonderful weekend . . . without any unwanted houseguests. πŸ˜‰

9 Comments on “October Photo Challenge Day 6: ADDICTION”

  1. Praying Nate doesn’t come your way! Please be safe!! Darling photo BTW

  2. CarolMaeWY says:

    Go away Nate! Miss Harper Lee has better things to do, like modeling. πŸ€—

  3. Good luck with the latest hurricane. We think Nate is a pain in the neck and hope he settles down and goes away soon.

    Love and licks,

  4. The boys love bananas too! Y’all stay safe down there.

  5. Jan K says:

    Luke and his Dad share your secret banana addiction too! They get up early to share one before the Momz even gets out of bed! πŸ™‚

  6. Bananas are not a bad addiction to have 😊 Stay safe and hope Nate doesn’t come to visit !

  7. Amy says:

    Although Lexi hated bananas, Lucy could share your addiction. Hoping Nate passes you by.

  8. pibblelife says:

    I will only eat bananas if my humom squishes it into a little mush with her fingers. Otherwise, if she gives me a little piece I will put it in my mouth and then drop it onto the floor. BOL!

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