October Photo Challenge Day 20: TV SHOW

Quick, Mommy. Just snap the picture. You’re interrupting my favorite TV SHOW with this little photo session. It should come as no surprise that this NOLA girl is a pretty big fan of NCIS: New Orleans. After all, it’s filmed in my hometown. The storylines are pretty good, but mostly I watch to see if I can identify the locations and spot some of our more famous residents. I’ve even seen the NCIS: New Orleans crew filming around my neighborhood while I’m enjoying my morning walks. I like to slow down and show them my pretty side. You never know when there might be a casting call for a Golden Retriever, and I’m always ready for my close-up. As for Tallulah, she’s more into YouTube videos. She could watch puppies and chicks and bunnies all day long, but her nose smudges on the television screen can be a bit of a problem. 😉

I hope you have some super fun plans for the weekend. We’re expecting a rainy one . . . the perfect excuse to snuggle on the couch and catch up on a little television viewing. Cheers!

4 Comments on “October Photo Challenge Day 20: TV SHOW”

  1. You guys really do have a “let’s get on with it, mom” look. Too funny. We resume our regular programming just for you!

  2. dashlilly says:

    Great photo!!

  3. Amy says:

    That’s really cool that you see the film crews. I am sure you would be the pick of the Goldens, Miss Lee. Oh, and we are going back to Rocktoberfest on Sunday. Woohoo!

  4. CarolMaeWY says:

    We enjoy that show too. It’s extra special that you got to see the film crew.

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