October Photo Challenge Day 28: FAVORITE PLACE

Tallulah and I would like to welcome you to our FAVORITE PLACE. There are a lot of places we love visiting, but our absolute favorite place to be is right at our very own gate. From this point, we can observe all of our neighborhood’s activities . . . and we have a pretty active neighborhood. Morning and afternoon we watch the school buses that bring eager little students to our neighborhood school, and we get some special love from the children who walk to and from the school. We observe the ‘hood cats out on their rounds to rid the area of various vermin. Mommy is especially appreciative of those cats. We greet humans and dogs on their daily walks. Sometimes Tallulah is a bit too “eager” with her greetings, but we’re working on that. We even make aerial observations from our gate. We keep an eye on the squirrels that visit the palm tree just beyond our gate . . . and, unfortunately, just beyond our reach. And we gaze at the fighter jets from the air base just across the Mississippi River as they practice maneuvers that we hope they never need to use. But mostly Tallulah and I rest our heads on that little bar at the base of our gate. And we may or may not spend most of our time dozing. šŸ˜‰

Where is your favorite place, and what do you enjoy doing when you’re there?

7 Comments on “October Photo Challenge Day 28: FAVORITE PLACE”

  1. Cupcake says:

    That’s the perfect place for you girls to be. Sounds like there’s no shortage of things to observe. My favorite place is in Mom’s bed. When we go in there to sleep, I know she won’t leave me alone.

    Love and licks,

  2. CarolMaeWY says:

    You have a very nice favorite place. We like our yard too.

  3. you are great neighborhood watchers!

  4. Jan K says:

    What a perfect spot, and so much to see from there!! Our fenced in yard is a favorite place here too, though often the crew watches through the patio doors from the comfort of the couch, and only go outside when they see something!

  5. Amy says:

    I’m wondering if you are secretly daydreaming about getting out of that gate…

  6. pibblelife says:

    awww you guys are too cute!!

  7. Look how sweet you guys look at your favorite place! šŸ˜

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