Toy Introductions Day 4: Red Ball

Birdie’s Back . . .

Hello, my name is Birdie Blue and I’m ball obsessed. There, I said it. Now everyone knows. This is Red Ball. There used to be an Orange Ball, and before that another Orange Ball, but I’d rather not talk about what happened to them. You understand.

This ball is made by Kong (again, not a paid ad, just a recommendation) and it passes the Birdie test, which is a really challenging test. I love nothing more than trying to sink my teeth into a really good rubber ball. Maybe that’s not exactly true. I love nothing more than pestering my humans to get Red Ball down from its safe perch, which is just out of my reach, so I can play with it. Ok, I also love making my humans throw Red Ball to me over and over and over again.

There might be two things I love even more than all of those other things. I love rolling Red Ball out of the gate as people walk by on the sidewalk so that they’re forced to play with me. And I love rolling Red Ball outside of the gate when no one’s around so that my humans have to go get it for me. Humans make the best retrievers.


6 Comments on “Toy Introductions Day 4: Red Ball”

  1. We love your ball rolling strategy to get passersby to toss Red Ball for you. Well done, Birdie!

  2. That hole in the ball looks like a place to store treats. Just sayin’.

    Love and licks,

  3. KDKH says:

    Sigh. My pups don’t like to play ball or fetch, and my husband is very disappointed. I’m sure my dogs are just imitating him; he’s not one to play very much, either!

    • Harper Lee wasn’t very interested in playing fetch either. She’d retrieve the ball a few times. After that, when one of the humans threw it, she just looked at them as if to say, “I brought it back to you the last three times. Now you go get it.” πŸ˜‰ ~Birdie Blue

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