Toy Introductions Day 6: Fred the Red Fox

Birdie’s Back . . .

It’s me again, Birdie. Today I pulled an oldie but goody out of the toy box: Fred the Red Fox. Fred’s been around the block more than a few times, but he’s hanging in there. Fred has a squeaker in his tail–it’s dead–and a squeaker in his head–it somehow lives on, barely. Fred has never once been admitted to Squeaky Toy Hospital, which is a bit of a miracle because he is very well loved.

Fred is one of our no-stuffing toys. Apparently, Tallulah went through a killer phase when she was younger. (She still has a little toy killer in her, RIP Pink Rose, but she’s better now.) That’s when Mommy embarked on a quest for Tallulah-proof toys and discovered that no-stuffing toys stood the best chance. You’ll meet a lot of no-stuffing toys throughout the month. While I chomp down like an alligator on rubber toys like Red Ball, I’m pretty gentle with everyone else, and I love to love Fred the Red Fox.

6 Comments on “Toy Introductions Day 6: Fred the Red Fox”

  1. Fiona says:

    We love the toys!

  2. Aww, sweet Fred looks very well loved. 🦊

    • Sometimes we stop and wonder, “Do our toys love being loved as much as we love to love them?” And then we realize, “Of course they do. What a silly question.” And then we move on to more important thoughts like when is our dinner going to be served.

  3. Unstuffed toys are the best. Saves us the trouble…

    Love and licks,

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