Toy Introductions Day 18: Ricky Raccoon

Tallulah’s Turn . . .

This is Ricky Raccoon. Ricky is just a good dependable toy. He’s fun to play with. His squeakers all work. He’s been around for a while and survived a lot of tug-of-war sessions. And, most importantly, I think our eyes and noses look a lot alike.

Here are a few fun facts about raccoons:

  • Raccoons are not in the rodent family. We’re done with that rodent awareness foolishness.
  • The largest raccoon ever recorded weighed 63 pounds. Think about it. That’s the size of a Golden Retriever. Imagine walking outside and finding that trying to get into your trashcan.
  • Raccoons can run as fast as 15 miles per hour on the ground and up and down trees. Well, maybe not that 63-pound fella, but the more svelte members of the species.
  • Raccoons can make over 50 different noises. They hiss, purr, and growl. Baby raccoons crying for their mothers sound similar to human babies crying. Unlike most raccoons, Ricky only squeaks. That’s probably a good thing, because who wants a toy that growls?
  • U.S. President Calvin Coolidge had a pet raccoon named Rebecca. Rebecca was from Mississippi (like me). She was sent to the White House in 1926 to be served as part of the Thanksgiving feast. Coolidge spared Rebecca’s life. Before long, she had an embroidered collar and free range of the White House. Don’t tell Ricky about that. He’ll definitely be jealous.

11 Comments on “Toy Introductions Day 18: Ricky Raccoon”

  1. Lillychester says:

    Mom had a raccoon in her ceiling/attic once!!! He was really noisy. A nice person got him out of the house and relocated him. Mom can sort of laugh about it now. But she doesn’t want a pet raccoon any time soon!!!!! your doodle friends Chester and Lilly

  2. Hi Ricky Racoon! Our Riley has Racky-D. That’s short for racoon dog. We can’t tell if it is a racoon or a dog, hence the name. Whichever, he loves his Racky-D. Oh, and none of us knew any of those facts about racoons! XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

  3. Maryanne says:

    Great facts on raccoons! We have them in our area. A few years ago several baby raccoons were coming towards us like dogs, crossing a street! I stopped traffic as my husband guided them to safety in a wooded area.

  4. Yup. I definitely see the resemblance.

    Love and licks,

  5. We did not know those facts about raccoons. Fascinating and doggone adorable critters, they are! Here’s to loads of fun with Ricky.

    • We only shared the fascinating and adorable raccoon facts. Let’s just say Mommy’s pretty happy that Ricky isn’t real. P.S. Sorry for the delayed response. This comment was hiding from us. Silly computer world.
      ~Tallulah Bee

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