Toy Introductions Day 21: Carrot

Birdie’s Back . . .

Meet the biggest toy in our toy basket. Carrot has been with us since Easter 2021, but he almost didn’t get tossed into this crazy salad that I call “my family.” My human mommy went to PetSmart one day to pick up some necessities. She passed a huge display with a bunch of carrots. She was intrigued and looked closely at the carrots. The material was a little flimsy. I was only about four months old, and Tallulah was more of a toy ripper back then than she is now. Mommy decided that one of those carrots wouldn’t last more than a day in our house and she couldn’t justify the expense. Mommy’s cheap frugal and no fun sensible, so she picked up the necessities and walked out of PetSmart without a carrot. And then she just couldn’t forget about that carrot. Several days later, she returned to PetSmart to buy a carrot for us, but the huge display was gone. She was devastated. She wanted so badly for us to have a carrot. As she turned to walk out the door, she looked to her right. There, in a bin by the checkout, she saw them . . .

. . . and that’s how I ended up with Carrot on my first Easter. And, you know what? A year and a half later, Carrot’s still with us. He’s had some trips to Squeaky Toy Hospital, but he’s hanging in there. The Carrot experience taught Mommy a lesson: When you see a toy you think your dogs would really, really like, get it, because your dogs’ happiness is priceless.

P.S. When our mommy finally bought Carrot, she said to herself, “They’ll destroy this toy in a day, but they’re going to have so much fun . . . and it will be the best $5 I ever spent.” Yep, she hesitated to spend $5 on a dog toy. Told you she’s cheap frugal and no fun sensible. 😉


8 Comments on “Toy Introductions Day 21: Carrot”

  1. Ahh, a lady after my own heart. Mom Amy
    What do you do with that thing? Lay on it? Drag it through the house? Rip it open and sleep in it? XOXOX Chia

    • Hahaha. We’ve tried all three, Chia. Mostly we just attempt to wrangle it. Carrot spends most of the time put away. Honestly, he’s kind of the size of another dog, but less active.

  2. ChesterLilly says:

    Hahah!! Mom loves buying us toys too. She knew your mom would go back for the carrot! Glad you all are still enjoying it. Have a great day. your doodle friends Chester and Lilly

    • I wish we could get the store surveillance camera footage to see the look of extreme desperation and defeat followed by complete relief and joy on our mommy’s face. We’re very lucky to have humans who care so much about keeping us happy, Chester and Lilly.
      ~Birdie Blue

  3. That is A LOT of carrot for $5. What a bargain!

    Love and licks,

    • Next time Mommy’s in the grocery store, she’s going to see if she could buy that same amount of carrot for $5. Doubt it, although our Carrot might not taste as good in a soup.

  4. Wow, you’re mom is a great shopper! What a cool find.

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