Toy Introductions Day 22: Olivia the Octopus

Tallulah’s Turn . . .

Very early in our month of toys, I introduced you to Ollie the Octopus. Now it’s my pleasure to introduce Olivia the Octopus. Olivia was a gift from some very nice people at a children’s hospital where I used to be a therapy dog, before I retired and settled into a life of leisure. Olivia is a bit more fragile than Ollie. I must confess that I immediately ripped a few of her arms. Thankfully, they were not completely severed, and she underwent successful surgery at Squeaky Toy Hospital. I promise to be gentler in the future. Well, I at least promise to try to be gentler in the future. Now, I’m not normally one to gossip, but word in the toy basket is that Ollie and Olivia have a little something going on. You might say they’re entwined. Get it? With all those arms? I’m happy for them. Cheers to more toy basket romances, and cheers to a happy Saturday!


6 Comments on “Toy Introductions Day 22: Olivia the Octopus”

  1. Here’s hoping the couple stays happy and in tact for a long time.

  2. Oooo, we had no idea romances happened in the toy baskets with the stuffies. Wonder if there will be some little octopuses? We’d better go see if there are any baby stuffies in our basket!

  3. Octopus hand-holding could be complicated.

    Love and licks,

    • Can you just imagine the conversation between Ollie and Olivia: “Ollie, you’re holding your own hand, silly” or “Ollie, I told you to get your hands off of me…ALL of them.” 🙂
      ~Tallulah Bee

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