Toy Introductions Day 24: Daffy Duck

Birdie’s Back . . .

Did you miss me yesterday? Not only did Tallulah get an afternoon out on the town, but she also preempted my turn in the blogging rotation. That’s ok. I got to have some special one-on-one time with Daffy Duck. Until earlier this month, I didn’t even know Daffy Duck existed. He’d spent years in the Land of Forbidden Toys, thanks to Tallulah’s less-than-gentle way with toys in her younger days. Daffy’s out now, and I am completely obsessed with him.

Daffy is kind of a tall and skinny guy. I like to carry him around the house. Sometimes I step on him, which completely messes up my forward momentum. The humans are quite entertained by this. I’m just confused. Today, I got to carry Daffy outside. Mommy explained that this was very special and just for a photo shoot and that there are inside toys and outside toys and that Daffy is an inside toy. Whatever. I took advantage of the situation and convinced a lady walking on the sidewalk to play tug-of-war through the gate. I am so good at roping total strangers into playing with me as they walk by.

Carrying Daffy around and playing with him are both fun activities, but sometimes just snuggling with Daffy is the best. I’m so happy Daffy escaped from the Land of Forbidden Toys, and I plan on protecting him from Tallulah.


8 Comments on “Toy Introductions Day 24: Daffy Duck”

  1. Hey, Birdie, you’ve got Daffy’s entire head in your mouth! Be gentle with him, he’s a birdie too, you know!

  2. Stuffies make the best pillows.

    Love and licks,

  3. We can tell you love Daffy very much. LOVE how you let him ‘hang around.’ 😉

  4. Lillychester says:

    You are so funny! Playing with an inside toy outside ..we would NEVER do such a thing! Ha. Don’t tell mom– three inside toys are outside right now! Have a great day. We enjoyed your post yesterday from your sister too. She had a great day! your doodle friends Lilly and Chester

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