Toy Introductions Day 30: The Ladybug Leaf

Birdie’s Back . . .

Yesterday Tallulah introduced you to her Busy Bee Honey Pot. Today I get to introduce the Ladybug Leaf. Do I look a little perplexed in this photo? I can explain that. The Ladybug Leaf was Harper Lee’s toy. It was a gift from her beau, whose name just happens to be Beau. Beau works with Miles at Geaux Fideaux Pet Accessories and Bandanas. Beau chose the Ladybug Leaf for Harper Lee because Miss Lee was always a lady. Until today, only Harper Lee was allowed to play with the Ladybug Leaf.

My human mommy had to explain how this works. I watched as she stuffed three little ladybugs into the leaf. She showed me the holes on either side of the leaf. Can you see how hard I was concentrating? Then she looked at me and said, “Get it, Birdie!”

Well, she didn’t have to tell me twice. As I pulled that first ladybug from the leaf, I was a little more cautious, slightly slower, and immensely gentler than Tallulah with her honey pot bumble bees. I’m pretty excited about having more opportunities to play with the Ladybug Leaf. I promise to take very good care of this very special toy because it was a gift to Harper Lee, and Harper Lee was very special too.


5 Comments on “Toy Introductions Day 30: The Ladybug Leaf”

  1. What a very cool toy, Birdie and to think you get to play with it, even more cool!

    • I must be pretty special because I get to play with Harper Lee’s special toy, and I’ve heard whispers that I’m going to get to wear some of her pretty collars. I know that’s a huge deal.
      ~Birdie Blue

  2. So happy the ladybug leaf is back in the rotation. Maybe there are some treats inside. Check carefully!

    Love and licks,

  3. You do look a bit confused in that first picture, Birdie. Lady Bug is indeed a special toy and we know you will be gentle with it. Now, if someone should accidently spill some bacon grease on it…. XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

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