Toy Introductions Day 31: A Treat and a Trick

The Bird and The Bee . . .

Yesterday, while we were outside doing . . . well, we all know what dogs do outside, our human mommy was inside preparing the most amazing treat for us: every single one of our toys piled on our favorite bed. You probably recognize most of these toys, but there are a few that we didn’t get to introduce over the last month. So many toys, so few days. Of course, Puppy and Allie Gator were watching over the scene.

You can imagine the frenzy that ensued when we came back inside, turned the corner, and saw what could only be described as puppy dog paradise. (We interrupt this blog post to bring you an apology from our blogging assistant/photographer/Mommy: Please excuse the blurry images of Tallulah and Birdie from this point on. There was quite a bit of action occurring, and my photography skills need work. The photos you’re not seeing were even worse.)

We cannot thank you enough for joining us on this toy introduction journey. We’ve enjoyed more than we can say sharing all (well, almost all) of our toys and the precious memories attached to so many of them. We are thrilled that we’ve been able to free so many toys from the Land of Forbidden Toys, and we promise to do our very, very best not to send them to Squeaky Toy Hospital too quickly. This last month has been a real treat for us, and we hope it’s been a treat for you too.

And now about that trick. Every dog everywhere knows what today is. The day we all dread. The day the humans think it’s so much fun to see us in costumes, or with silly things on our heads, or being startled by creepy decorations. Yep, it’s Halloween, so here are our obligatory costume pics. These costumes were both worn previously by Harper Lee. We always suspected it but now we are sure: Harper Lee was a saint. We hope that your Halloween is filled with more treats than tricks. . . and if you have to wear a costume, we hope it fits better than these little numbers. Happy Halloween!

A note from Tallulah Bee and Birdie Blue’s mommy: Thank you for joining us for the daily toy introductions. We have a few tweaks planned for the blog, tweaks that will give Tallulah and Birdie more of a voice and presence but also continue to honor Harper Lee’s legacy. We won’t post daily (that was a lot), but we will have regular posts and regular categories of posts.

And speaking of the daily posts, many, many thanks to everyone who read daily and extra thanks to those of you who commented along the way. It was very special to reconnect with so many friends who followed Harper Lee’s adventures and to meet so many new friends throughout the month.

See you soon!


9 Comments on “Toy Introductions Day 31: A Treat and a Trick”

  1. We’ve so enjoyed meeting all your ‘furbulous’ toys, girls. Thanks for showing them to us. Have a safe and Happy Howl-oween. 🎃

    • Thank you! We enjoyed introducing them. We had no idea we had so many great toys, because *someone* has kept a lot of them hidden from us. Now we know, so we expect to see them a whole lot more.
      ~The Bird and The Bee

  2. Wow, that really is a doggie paradise! The only thing better is if it was all food, BOL! We’ve all enjoyed getting to know you, Tallulah and Birdie, and look forward to seeing more of you. Happy Halloween! XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

  3. The Dog’s Mum says:

    Have enjoyed the tour Land of Forbidden Toys, probably not as much as you two though 😉 Looking forward to continuing the journey with The Bird and The Bee 🐦🐝❤️🐾🐾

  4. You kids look awesome in your hand-me-down costumes. They are all broken in and probably feel twice as comfy the second time around. I wore my costume from 7am till bedtime. I was a butterfly. By the end of the day, my wings were bashed and bent from napping in the costume. But what a fun day.

    Love and licks,

    • You know how we’re allowed to play with Puppy and Allie Gator because they were special to Harper Lee? Well, we wish those silly costumes had been special enough that they were also off limits. We loved your butterfly costume, Cupcake. You looked stunning and happy. We’re pretty sure we heard our mommy says something like, “Why can’t you be more like Cupcake?”
      ~Birdie and Tallulah

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