Birthday Brunch for The Bee

Last Saturday my little sister, Tallulah Bee, celebrated her second birthday. I’m not going to sugarcoat it: Getting to her first birthday was a bit of a challenge at times. But that second year flew by. We marked The Bee’s birthday in typical New Orleans fashion with a big blowout brunch.

Shhhh . . . don’t tell my sister this . . . BrunchFest NOLA was actually a fundraiser for the Louisiana SPCA, but Tallulah thinks the whole thing was just for her. Let’s just let her believe that. By the way, that little kitty behind us looks a little huge and terrifying. It’s not real, right?

Back to brunch. There were food and drink booths there for the humans and lots and lots of people to give us love and other dogs to give us kisses and sniffs.

Naturally we had to visit our friends at the Gulf South Golden Retriever Rescue tent.

And then we headed to Crescent Park’s big lawn for a little entertainment, which just happened to include a show by Mother Tucker’s Drag Queen, Inc. Drag shows are an integral element to many a New Orleans brunch, and Tallulah seemed to enjoy her first experience.

Tallulah still had plenty of birthday energy on the way home from brunch, so we made a little stop at my favorite New Orleans watering hole: The District. I was just happy for the nice cool floor. I guess that’s the difference between being two years old and being eight years old.

Our friends at The District even had balloons in celebration of The Bee’s birthday. (Again, this was simply a happy coincidence, but let’s just allow Tallulah to believe it was all for her.)

Judging from Tallulah’s post-birthday-brunch-bash nap, I’d say that the day was quite a huge success. My first two years as a big sister have been some of the best years of my life. Here’s to celebrating many, many more birthdays with my sweet little sister, Tallulah Bee.

The Beautiful Crescent

Beautiful Crescent 1 thek9harperlee

Yesterday my sister, Tallulah, and I took our first trip to New Orleans’ beautiful Crescent Park along the mighty Mississippi River. It was beyond fabulous . . . if more than just a wee bit warm.

Beautiful Crescent 8 thek9harperlee

Crescent Park spans 1.4 miles along the river from just past the French Market in the French Quarter to a neighborhood called Bywater.

Beautiful Crescent 3 thek9harperlee

As we walked down the paths, we greeted other walkers, joggers, and bikers. We even saw a few dogs out for their morning stroll. But the most amazing sight was the incredible view of our wonderful new hometown’s skyline. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. My sister was more interested in the treats my human mommy was using to get us to pose for photos.

Beautiful Crescent 6 thek9harperlee

The park makes use of two former industrial wharves. One is now called the Mandeville Shed, a covered open-air event space. The other is called Piety Wharf and offers a view of New Orleans, Algiers, and traffic up and down the river.

Beautiful Crescent 2 thek9harperlee

We stopped at Mandeville Ellipse to enjoy a little grass time. For a couple of urban dogs, this area was heaven . . . although we were slightly distracted by the huge ship behind is. What if that thing was completely filled with dog treats? Tallulah and I briefly considered becoming pirates.

Beautiful Crescent 5 thek9harperlee

But we thought better of it and continued along the path so we could enjoy the gardens. The park has 20 acres of indigenous landscaping, which we enjoyed almost as much as the butterflies, bees, and dragonflies. We even got to see a train traveling along the tracks just beyond the park’s fence. We were far less interested in the train then my mommy thought we would be.

Beautiful Crescent 7 thek9harperlee

We made it as far as Desire Street before turning around to head back home. We’ll definitely return to Crescent Park on a beautiful and cool autumn day. I hear there’s a dog park that we still need to explore.


Footnote thek9harperlee

My blog posting and reading has been a bit sporadic–to say the least–lately. Well, I have put my foot down and told my human mommy/blogging assistant that enough is enough. No more excuses. No more, “I’m so busy getting the house ready to move/packing to move/getting settled after moving.” No more, “Tallulah is a puppy and she needs my undivided attention.” No more, “This computer is new and I can’t figure out how to work it.” It’s the day after Labor Day and it’s time to get back to work!

Beautiful Crescent 4 thek9harperlee

Also, Mommy wants everyone to know that she “borrowed” the title for this blog post. It comes from a wonderful book about New Orleans called Beautiful Crescent: A History of New OrleansIf you’re planning a trip to our fair city, or if you’re just in love with the Big Easy, this is a must read!