October Photo Challenge Day 26: DRINK

Tallulah and I are big drinkers. Oh, not like that. Our DRINK of choice is water. Tallulah likes hers on the rocks. I’m a straight up kind of girl. We’re very respectful of each other when it comes to food. Tallulah eats on one mat and I eat on another about two feet away. Only after I’m completely finished with my food does Tallulah venture over to lick my dinner bowl. But when it comes to drinking, you’ll often find us side-by-side over one bowl. It’s nice to have a drinking buddy.

My human mommy is super excited about tomorrow’s fun event . . . even though she has absolutely no idea whether or not it will work out. Wish us luck!

October Photo Challenge Day 23: DRINK

Tallulah and I have joined our human mommy in the courtyard for a DRINK and some treats. Tallulah, who lacks taste and sophistication due to her youth, is going for the treat. I, on the other hand, am older and wiser so I go for the wine . . . even though I never actually get to have it. 😦 Mommy says wine can fix a Monday, so I hope it’s happy hour wherever you may be. Cheers!

How was your Monday? Did it require a happy hour? πŸ˜‰