Playtime in My ‘Hood

Time to Play 6 thek9harperlee

I live in an area of New Orleans called the Irish Channel, and I love it! We’re within walking distance of the Garden District–which means lots of strolls past lots and lots of beautiful homes–and Magazine Street runs along the edge of my neighborhood–which means plenty of window shopping on our little outings. There are even a few dog-friendly dining and imbibing establishments . . . nice detours for hungry and thirsty humans and pups. I cannot wait to share my neighborhood with you.

Time to Play 1 thek9harperlee

Today my sister, Tallulah, and I are starting your Irish Channel tour with a little playtime in our neighborhood park.

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Burke Park is operated by the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission, and it’s tons of fun.

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In 2010, the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association worked with the Marriott group of New Orleans to renovate and rejuvenate our little playground. They painted these concrete steps that my sister and I had so much fun playing (and posing) on . . .

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. . . and they assembled the playground set that gave us such a super view of our fabulous little oasis.

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As much as we enjoyed the colorful steps and the playground set and the hills and all the incredible smells, Tallulah and I had the most fun playing on the fire truck. It reminded us of the real trucks at the neighborhood fire station we visit on our walks. I promise to take you there one day. But I digress. Back to the pretend fire truck in the park.

Time to Play 3 thek9harperlee

Silly Tallulah offered to drive home. We had to explain to her that the fire truck isn’t actually real, and even if it were she is far too young to drive. We did promise, however, that we’ll visit the park again very, very soon. I can’t wait!