Was That a Dream?

Dream Harper Lee thek9harperlee

The oddest thing happened to me this past weekend. I was sound asleep on my bed and I was having the greatest dream . . . you know, the kind where your feet and mouth twitch and you make those little horsey sounds? I know you’ve had those dreams. Anyway, the next thing I knew, my human mommy was shaking me and saying, “Wake up, Miss Lee. We’re going to see The Big Dogs.” I’ve told you about The Big Dogs–Sunshine, Maggie, and Kenai. I stay with The Big Dogs when my humans have the nerve to travel without me, and they helped me train for my daddy’s marathon earlier this year. So I woke up–I think–and I got in my chariot for the ride to The Big Dogs’ house.

Goldens 2 thek9harperlee

Obviously my memory is a little blurry on all of this–and that’s why I think that maybe I was still dreaming–but when we got to The Big Dogs’ house, there was this extra Golden Retriever there . . . I think. The humans called her Little Sunshine, which was very confusing, and she seemed to be one of Sunshine’s puppies and a sister to Maggie and Kenai. You think you’re confused, just imagine how I was feeling at this point. So we all ran around like we had lost our minds and the next thing I knew we were in the back yard.

Goldens 1 thek9harperlee

And then this lady appeared–she may have been my mommy, but really who could tell at that point. She said something about treats, and that really got our attention. Do you see five Golden Retrievers there? I’m just asking because this whole thing was very dreamlike to me.

Goldens 3 thek9harperlee

What about now? Are there still five Golden Retrievers? I thought so. And then the next thing I knew, we were inside. And that’s when I really tried to focus and look around me to assess the situation.

Dream Sunshine thek9harperlee

I saw Sunshine, the momma dog . . .

Dream Maggie thek9harperlee

. . . I saw Maggie, her girl puppy . . .

Dream Kenai thek9harperlee

 . . . and I saw Kenai, Sunshine’s boy puppy. At this point, I was thinking that maybe I wasn’t in a dream. I was surrounded by Sunshine, Maggie, and Kenai–The Big Dogs. Things were starting to make sense again.

Dream Little Sunshine thek9harperlee

But wait. On the other side of the room, behind a table, apparently hiding from me, I saw that extra Golden Retriever, the one they called Little Sunshine. Just then, my mommy said that it was time to go, so we got back into my chariot and drove away. The next thing I knew, I was back home, on my bed, and drifting in and out of sleep. That entire episode must have been a dream, don’t you think?