Toy Introductions Day 22: Olivia the Octopus

Tallulah’s Turn . . .

Very early in our month of toys, I introduced you to Ollie the Octopus. Now it’s my pleasure to introduce Olivia the Octopus. Olivia was a gift from some very nice people at a children’s hospital where I used to be a therapy dog, before I retired and settled into a life of leisure. Olivia is a bit more fragile than Ollie. I must confess that I immediately ripped a few of her arms. Thankfully, they were not completely severed, and she underwent successful surgery at Squeaky Toy Hospital. I promise to be gentler in the future. Well, I at least promise to try to be gentler in the future. Now, I’m not normally one to gossip, but word in the toy basket is that Ollie and Olivia have a little something going on. You might say they’re entwined. Get it? With all those arms? I’m happy for them. Cheers to more toy basket romances, and cheers to a happy Saturday!