A Total Eclipse of My Nap

Yesterday was odd. Slightly before 1:30, just as Tallulah and I were deep into our mid-afternoon pre-dinner naps, Mommy started opening all the shutters in the house. (Normally the shutters stay closed during the day. Something about keeping the blazing sun out so that the air conditioner doesn’t run non-stop so that the electricity bill isn’t sky high so that we can still afford dog treats. Tallulah and I are totally behind that reasoning.) And then she said, “Wake up, girls. We’re going outside so that we can experience the eclipse.” Whatever. As you can see, I had no problem continuing my nap outside.

But something was a bit off. Even Tallulah noticed it. It was strangely dark for the middle of the day, and the temperature felt somewhat cooler than it should have. We didn’t hear any birds and the school children who would normally have been out on the playground were all inside. Was this that eclipse thing all the humans were so excited about? “Don’t look up, girls.” Mommy said. Now why on Earth would Tallulah and I even think of looking up? All dogs know that food falls on the ground–it doesn’t hover in the air–so our eyes are generally focused downward.

And then she said, “Let’s get our official Solar Eclipse 2017 photo, girls.” Seriously? The first attempt was a dud. I was yawning (did I mention that this was my nap time?) and Tallulah had some shadow on her nose. Hey, wait a minute. You don’t think that was the eclipse thing, do you?

The next attempt wasn’t much better, but this is it: the official Harper Lee and Tallulah Bee Solar Eclipse 2017 photo. Whoop de do! We only had 75-percent coverage in New Orleans, so it wasn’t like we were seeing stars or anything, but I guess for Mommy it was pretty exciting. For me? It just turned out to be a total eclipse of my nap.

While our official photo wasn’t such a big deal, we did get a kick out of these two pictures. They’re from our Twitter friend Susan Whelan (@nolamaven). She Tweets and Instagrams about all things New Orleans. Here in the Big Easy, we know a thing or two about cooking, so it’s only natural that we’d turn to the kitchen to find the perfect utensil for viewing an eclipse: a colander. And of course the whole experience would have to include some sort of canned beverage. And just look at those images of the eclipse. Perfect little crescents in the Crescent City.

We’ll have to wait another seven years for the next solar eclipse. Tallulah will be just shy of her ninth birthday, and seven more years would put me at just over 15 years old. It made Mommy a little sad to think of that.

I tried to assure her that I can make it . . . but she’ll have to stop interrupting my mid-afternoon pre-dinner naps.

Tell me about your solar eclipse experience.